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By: Leandro Ribeiro
November 23, 2017

Awareness Training for Everyone

By: Leandro Ribeiro
November 23, 2017
By: Leandro Ribeiro
November 23, 2017

As you may (or may not) know, in these days Cyber Extortion is a frequent problem. There is news about this issue each day. In May, I went to Vancouver, Canada, and during the connection between Houston and Vancouver, I met a U.S. lady aged about 70 years. During the flight, we talked about many things and she asked me about my travels to Vancouver. When I said that I was going to attend a Security conference, she thanked me for my help because it helps people to be safer.

I asked her about her experience with technologies, and to my surprise, she told me she was hacked twice last year and 1 time this year. I was shocked by the way she told me because she had a bad experience but knew the importance of security. Here in Brazil, the people are learning to protect themselves against Cyber Crime.

The question is, "What do we need to do to improve cyber security?"

Think about your current job or position. Are you or your co-workers given awareness, and what type of awareness training are you given? Do you think only send some e-mails with awareness campaigns is enough?

I think is time to discuss how we can move forward in a different way than the traditional Cyber Awareness program. Every day in Brazil people receive phishing e-mails trying to get information without knowledge. Think about your CEO or CFO, they constantly use company equipment. What if one day said employee's son used his computer to do his homework, and during his research, he tried to download an infected PDF file. This computer is now out of the perimeter protection of the company, and this PDF contains a Zero day threat that the antivirus is not able to detect. 

 It’s time to think about awareness training without barriers. It is time to improve security awareness in our schools! There are threats waiting for a simple mistake. Are you and your company covered?

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