Information Security Fundamentals is designed to give students fundamental security knowledge. We take a high-level overview of topics, like risk management, security policies, basic networking, password cracking, cryptography, malware, mobile security, and more. Students will start by learning fundamental topics in networking such as common network devices, TCP/UDP, Firewalls, and the Network Topology. From there, the student will be able to understand the importance of protecting data, as well as common practices and policies used by information security practitioners. Afterwards, students will receive an overview on various offensive security topics including malware, password cracking, sniffing, and more! This is a great for students transitioning from an IT role or students pursuing a full career change. This will expose the student to both offensive and defensive topics to help the student identify areas of interest. By the end, the student should have a high level understanding of the fundamental concepts and practices used by information security practitioners.

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