Configure DNS Client Settings for Linux on Azure
Learn On Demand Pro Series

45 minutes

The Configure DNS Client Settings for Linux on Azure Guided IT Pro Challenge from Learn on Demand challenges students to configure DNS settings for a Linux virtual machine using Azure. This requires verifying the default configuration, modifying the DNS configuration, and verifying the new configuration has been applied.

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This guided challenge is ideal for beginning students who have some familiarity with the command line and network protocols. The lab has a 45-minute time limit, which should allow you to use the hints or research how to complete the lab tasks. Configuring DNS is an important component of understanding concepts related to websites, which is important to the Multi-Disciplined Language Analyst. It is also an important part of understanding network protocols, which is important for the Network Operations Specialist work role. This beginner lab will help students understand how DNS functions in the Azure environment. It will be helpful to most career paths because knowing how DNS works is a fundamental concept in information technology.

Quick Info:

  • Skills: Configure DNS settings, Verify DNS settings and function
  • Time limit: 45 min
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Work roles: Multi-Disciplined Language Analyst, Network Operations Specialist