Create and Configure an Azure QnA Maker Service
Learn On Demand Pro Series

2 hours

The Create & Configure an Azure QnA Maker Service Guided Lab from Learn on Demand guides the student through creating a QnA service. This includes using, creating, and populating the QnA maker service to provision a QnA Maker Service, access the QnA Maker Service Portal and then upload a QnA Maker Knowledge Base set and test the service.

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This guided lab is appropriate for beginning students who have some familiarity with Azure. Once completed, the student will be able to create and setup an Azure QnA maker service. The lab will take about 30 minutes to complete. This lab will help develop knowledge of analytic tools and techniques, which is important for Multi-Disciplined Language Analysts. The lab will also help develop skill in tools used for transformation analytics, which is important for Data Analysts.

Quick Info

  • Skills: Create and populate an Azure QnA maker service
  • Time limit: 30 min
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Work Roles: Data Analyst, Multi-Disciplined Language Analyst