The Configure SPAN ports module provides you with the instructions and Cisco hardware to develop your hands on skills in configuring SPAN ports on Cisco switches, this module contains the following exercises:

  1. Configuring a SPAN port
  2. Configuring an RSPAN

Exercise 1 – Configuring a SPAN port

In this exercise you will perform the tasks required to create a switchport analyser port, aka a SPAN port. In this example you will create a SPAN port that monitors the traffic coming from NYEDGE Gi0/0 which is connected to Fas1/0/1 on NYCORE1, the switch will send any traffic sourced or destined on this interface to the interface connected to Fas1/0/2 which is connected to NYWAN1.

Exercise 2 – Configuring an RSPAN

In this exercise you will perform the tasks required to configure an RSPAN session between NYCORE1 and NYCORE2. As NYACCESS1 is a 2960-lanlite switch it does not support RSPAN, with this in mind you need to find out the capabilities of your switches if you are going to run this in a production environment.

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