The Understanding PKI Concepts module provides you with the instruction and server hardware to develop your hands on skills in the defined topics. This module includes the following exercises:

  • Install and Configure Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Configure Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)

Lab time: It will take approximately 1 hour to complete this lab.

Exam Objectives

The following exam objectives are covered in this lab:

  • SY0-501 1.6: Explain the impact associated with types of vulnerabilities
  • SY0-501 2.3: Given a scenario, troubleshoot common security issues.
  • SY0-501 4.3: Given a scenario, implement identity and access management controls
  • SY0-501 6.4: Given a scenario, implement public key infrastructure

Exercise 1 - Install and Configure Active Directory Certificate Services

In this exercise, you will install and configure Active Directory Certificate Services in a Windows domain environment.

Exercise 2 - Configure Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)

In this exercise, you will configure certificate revocation lists in Certificate Services. When a user certificate is revoked by an administrator regardless of the reason, the Certificate Server records that cancellation to prevent a user from reusing a revoked certificate. In a large network, the revocation of the certificate must be replicated to other CA servers to prevent cancelled certificates from being used to access network resources.

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