Become a Teaching Assistant For The Top Cybersecurity Professionals

Why Become a Teaching Assistant?

Cybrary is looking for Teaching Assistants with a passion for contributing to the cyber security community and industry as a whole. This opportunity will help you gain leadership experience, meet your favorite instructors, help the community, and grow your personal brand. Connect with world renowned instructors, empower students and facilitate discussion in the community. Top TA’s reach 1,000,000+ students.

What do Teaching Assistants do?

  • Support subject matter experts, instructors, fellow teaching assistants, and students as part of our Creator Community.
  • Create content on the Cybrary platform. Learn to build courses, study guides, assessments, and more!
  • Beta Test & QA brand new courses and content before it's available on the platform.
  • Give back to the community by sharing your knowledge and expertise.
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What's included with becoming a Cybrary Teaching Assistant?

  • Opportunity to hone your teaching skills
  • Connect with your favorite instructors
  • Network with current and up and coming cyber professionals
  • Care package (Cybrary Swag)
  • Free Insider Pro Membership (access to labs/live sessions)
  • Build a brand and worldwide following
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this position right for me?

Whether you are someone who is just getting started in the industry or someone who brings a wide range of experience, there are plenty of exciting and engaging opportunities as long as you have the desire to learn and give back to the community. If you want to give back to the community, but are not ready to become an instructor, this TA position is for you.

What if I’ve never taught or helped instructors before?

Our process is very hands on – you will never feel like you are in a gray area. We provide all of the resources you need to be the best TA, and develop your skills! You’ll be on the world’s most popular platform for IT and cyber security professionals, and what better place is there to learn and help others too?

Start Making a Difference

Becoming a Teaching Assistant on Cybrary will provide you a greater distribution advantage than any other platform, allowing you grow your brand and become an industry star, like the Cybrary instructors. If you’re passionate about making a difference and have experience in the industry, there are people around the world who need your help.

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