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Course Description

In this COBIT course, you will learn all the necessary skills to pass the COBIT 2019 certification exam and implement governance and management concepts in your organization to improve processes, closing the gap between IT and Business.

The focus and goals of COBIT will be addressed along with the basic concepts with this framework. The four IT domains of COBIT, the three levels of responsibility within an implementation, performance management, and the process and control objectives are all examined.

COBIT is a process-based IT Governance Framework created by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association). It is a widely adopted, master framework that is compatible and is able to be implemented in conjunction with other standards and legal requirements. COBIT is a master framework that is holistic, comprehensive and links business goals with IT goals. COBIT is a framework that can be applied to enterprises of all sizes. It is also a flexible framework that can be adjusted and adapted to a specific organization, depending upon its stakeholders, priorities, culture, people, processes, and more. This course goes over the main components of the COBIT framework and how it can be applied to a specific enterprise.

In this course, we discover a success story of how COBIT was enacted to support the specific organization’s IT infrastructure. We will explore how COBIT can support organizational goals and objectives. The focus and goals of COBIT will be addressed along with the basic concepts with this framework. The four IT domains of COBIT, the three levels of responsibility within an implementation, performance management, and the process and control objectives are all examined. The seven enablers of COBIT are also discussed and how they support business objectives. The components of a governance system, according to the COBIT framework, is reviewed and its importance will be conveyed in this course. Furthermore, we will go over an example of how to create a business case for implementing COBIT to gain senior leadership buy in. This course also gives guidance on pinpointing areas that require prioritization, assessing the current state of the organization and how this framework can achieve organizational goals. By the end of the class, students will be able to understand how to create a business case for implementing the master framework to their organization.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, students should be able to understand:

  • IT Governance
  • The focus and goals of COBIT
  • The 5 domains of COBIT
  • Governance and management objectives
  • How to design a tailored governance system
  • How to create a business case for IT Governance
  • The COBIT Cube

What is COBIT 2019?

COBIT, which stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology, is a framework for IT governance and management that was developed by ISACA. Originally, the framework was designed to be a tool for stakeholders to help bridge the gap between business risks, control requirements, and technical problems. Currently, it’s typically used by IT managers in various industries to ensure the quality, control, and reliability of the information systems in their organizations.

COBIT 2019 is the latest iteration of COBIT to be released. This version takes into account up-to-date technologies, current trends, and security requirements for organizations. COBIT 2019 is an ideal framework to unify processes across organizations as it includes other frameworks like the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). New concepts and theories are included in the 2019 update, which now has 40 objectives for establishing a management and governance program.

The COBIT 2019 update was revised to include the following:

  • Enhanced compliance with global frameworks
  • Design factors and areas of focus that provide added transparency on building a governance system
  • Consistent updating on a rolling basis
  • Improved instructions and a larger toolkit that helps organizations create quality governance systems
  • An updated tool that measures IT performance and CMMI alignment
  • An open source model enabling feedback from the external governance community for faster enhancement
  • More support for sound decision-making

COBIT 2019 also introduced the concept of focus areas, which detail specific governance topics or issues. Organizations are able to include or remove focus areas based on their specific needs. These can include small and medium enterprises, digital transformation, cybersecurity and privacy.

What Does the COBIT 2019 Training Course Cover?

The COBIT 2019 training course covers all the relevant information that students will need to know to successfully pass the COBIT 2019 certification exam. Students will be provided with a comprehensive foundation that enables them to assist their organizations in achieving their goals regarding the governance and management of enterprise IT.

The course will cover the four key elements of the COBIT 2019 release. These elements are:

  • COBIT 2019 Framework — Introduction and Methodology: Outlines the entire framework structure
  • COBIT 2019 Framework — Governance and Management Objectives: Includes comprehensive description of the core model and its 40 objectives for information management and governance
  • COBIT 2019 Design Guide: Includes instructions for implementing the framework on a practical basis
  • COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide: Provides best practices on how to integrate COBIT 2019 with the previous COBIT 5 framework

Who Should Do COBIT 2019 Certification Training?

The COBIT 2019 training course is beneficial for professionals who are currently in a position that has familiarized them with the nuances of IT governance in business management practices. Professionals in this category might include:

  • Executive Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Board Members
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Auditors and Regulators
  • Business Partners and IT Vendors
  • IT professionals in security, audit, assurance, risk, and governance sectors

This is a course that is ideal for any student who wants to learn the skillset that’s necessary to pass the COBIT 2019 certification exam and earn the credential. It’s also a good course for those individuals who want to learn the differences between COBIT 2019 and its predecessor, COBIT 5.

How Is It Best to Get Prepared for the COBIT 2019 Certification?

Becoming certified in COBIT 2019 is a great way for professionals to enhance their careers and bridge the gap between their organizations’ IT departments and business management. Candidates for certification must pass an exam that is offered by ISACA demonstrating proficiency in the following eight domains:

  • Framework
  • Principles
  • Governance System and Components
  • Governance and Management Objectives
  • Performance Management
  • Designing Tailored Governance Systems
  • Business Case
  • Implementation

The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions, for which test-takers have two hours to complete. A passing score for this certification exam is 65% or higher.

It’s essential to be properly prepared for the COBIT 2019 certification exam. One of the best ways to do that is by taking an online training course that covers all the relevant topics and skills, like the COBIT 2019 course offered by Cybrary.

If you are interested in obtaining your COBIT 2019 certification, our course can help you prepare for the exam. This is just one of many online courses offered by Cybrary designed to enhance the careers of students who want to learn more about the information technology and information security industries. To enroll in this course, just click the Register button at the top right of this screen to get started.