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What is Crypto and how does it work? These are the questions we will be examining in our cryptography introductory series below. Though this course is a compilation of videos from our other courses, we put together this study for those who want to cut out some of the other content and focus directly on cryptography. Get started learning Crypto online, now!

About the Online Crypto Training Course

In this online course we will be examining how crypto is the cornerstone of security technologies, and how through its use of different encryption methods, such as ciphers, and public or private keys, you can protect private or sensitive information from unauthorized access. Often associated with privacy, Crypto offers four basic services: Confidentiality, Integrity, Authenticity / Availability, and Non-Repudiation. This course offers practical examples for everyday use, to provide better understanding of these concepts. In our brief online Crypto course, you'll learn about the difference between clear text and cypher text, compare different encryption types, how encryption works, and how to secure and compare data through the use of hashing. We hope you enjoy this class taught by a couple of our many knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts, Leo Dregier and Kelly Handerhan.

What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a broad field that has many applications within the information technology industry. To put it simply, cryptography is the science that keeps text secret. In a broader sense, it can be defined as the study of different techniques that are used to transmit, communicate, and store data securely, without it being intercepted by unauthorized parties.

What are the Course Objectives for the Cryptography Training?

Upon the completion of our Cryptography training course, you will have the knowledge needed to: - Understand and explain concepts that were used in early translation and substitution cyphers

  • Learn and understand the difference between clear and cypher texts

  • Apply cryptanalysis to simple cyphers

  • Evaluate different cryptographic types from both a theoretical and practical point of view

  • Demonstrate the use of hashing to secure and compare data

What is the Course Description for the Cryptography Course?

In our online Cryptography training course, you will have access to a compilation of informative videos curated specifically for this course. The content in the videos focuses solely on the study of cryptology. This course is designed to answer the questions, "What is cryptography and how does it work?" You will learn that cryptography is the foundation on which information security is built, and that by understanding the use of various encryption methods, you will be able to protect your organization's sensitive or private data from hackers or other unauthorized parties. You will learn the different types of encryption methods, including ciphers, and public or private keys, which will allow you to play a key role in data protection. This study also covers the four basic services that cryptography provides: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. - Confidentiality – this service involves ensuring that the information involved cannot be understood by anyone for whom it was not intended

  • Integrity – this service ensures that information in transit between sender and receiver or in storage cannot be altered without it being detected

  • Authentication – this service ensures that both sender and receiver are able to confirm each other's identity and the destination/origin of the information

  • Non-repudiation – this service ensures that the originator of the information cannot later deny his or her intentions in the origination or transmission of the information

This course is designed to provide you with practical examples and applications for everyday use. The course has total clock hours of 2 hrs. and 54 min. and you will receive a Certificate of Completion when you successfully finish the training.

Who Should Take the Cryptography Training Course?

The Cryptography training course is ideal for anyone getting started in the information security field, or anyone who wants to learn more about how cryptography keeps our communications and data secure, either to prepare for further study in the field or out of curiosity.

Why Take this Cryptography Course?

There are many benefits you will enjoy when studying cryptography. It can provide you access to various potentially exciting jobs or careers in the information security industry. A solid understanding of cryptography can lead to positions like: - Information Security Specialists

  • Systems Security Analysts

  • Crypto-research Professionals

  • Cyber Security Mangers

Additionally, there are many organizations that rely heavily on information security professionals to protect sensitive and private information. Positions in this field are commonly available in the common sector where keeping customer and employer data secure is essential, as well as in security agencies, defense contracting, and global governments. The overall job market outlook in information security and information technology is very good for professionals in the industry. In fact, the number of available positions far outweighs the number of candidates, making the unemployment rate in the field zero.

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