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In this data science course you will learn the skills and knowledge involved in the multi-disciplinary field of data science. Data science combines these approaches in order to extract useful insights from data. This course will introduce you to the concept of data science and the many disciplines used within the industry.

Data science is the process of extracting insights and useful information from data. Many fields use data science to find useful insights from sometimes vast amounts of data. This could be analyzing environmental data, creating machine learning programs, or even finding patterns within a record of cybersecurity incidents.

About This Intro to Data Science Course

Cybrary’s Intro to Data Science Course will provide you with the essential concepts in data science and big data analysis. Data science is a multidisciplinary field, so it relies on many different skills in order to be effective. This includes using methods in science, statistics, analyzing data, and sometimes machine learning. Data science combines these approaches in order to extract useful insights from data. This course will introduce you to the concept of data science and the many disciplines used within the field.

Why learn Data Science?

Why should someone take the time to learn data science? As the infrastructure of networks and communications continue to grow, vast amounts of data are being passed between users and networks. The data collected by private organizations and governments can be too overwhelming for a basic, intuitive analysis. For example, social media companies collect massive amounts of data on users for marketing purposes. Data science can be used to analyze this data, find patterns, and provide useful information to marketing departments. In the public sector, data analysis can be used to fight crime and secure networks from attackers. The information age has brought on massive amounts of data, and not all of it is useful. However, a data scientist is able to analyze and process this data in a way that is useful to the organization.

How difficult is it to learn Data Science?

Data science is not too difficult, and the data science certification course can be completed by IT and cybersecurity professionals. You do not need to be an expert in statistics or data analysis in order to learn data science, but a basic understanding of these concepts is essential. Advanced concepts, like machine learning, can expand your potential in data science applications. If you put in the effort and time it takes to learn each section, it should not be too difficult to gain a core understanding of data science.

What are the pre-requisites? Can anyone learn Data Science?

Data science requires an understanding of a number of unique concepts, and they are combined to form a multi-disciplinary approach. You don’t need a master’s degree to learn data science and its core concepts, but many professional data scientists have a high degree of education. As this is an introduction course, a lot of foundational concepts will be learned for the first time. At an advanced level, data scientists are familiar with programming in R, Python, and SQL. Data scientists also work with Apache Hadoop to process massive amounts of data, and they are familiar with machine learning and AI practices. If you aren’t already fully familiar with these concepts, that’s fine, this is an introductory data science course that can prepare you for more advanced topics. It’s important to understand that data science is a field that draws on many different practices, and it can require the efforts of professionals in different disciplines to carry out a comprehensive analysis.

How is Data Science as a career?

Data science is a relatively new and upcoming career choice. The skills learned in data science can be applied towards the work of an analyst, engineer, data mining specialist, or even statistician. Data science careers rely on advanced skills, so they often carry considerable salaries. On average, a mid-level data scientist makes roughly $128,750 per year. For entry-level data scientists, the median salary is roughly $95,000 per year. As you can see, data science can be a lucrative career for those with the knowledge and dedication to learn the field. However, specialized skills require education. As data science is a highly specialized field, it requires a considerable amount of effort to learn what is necessary. Cybrary is the fastest growing catalog in the cybersecurity industry, and there are many online data science courses and materials available for learning data science and related fields.

Can I find work with a certificate in Data Science?

In short, yes. Data science is quickly growing in demand as a new field, and many organizations deal with analyzing massive amounts of data. A certificate in data science can help you find positions in analyzing data and creating machine learning applications. While the field is growing in popularity, the learning curve can be difficult. Thankfully, Cybrary provides data science certification training through convenient online courses. More specifically, this course can get you started on the basic concepts of data science. Certification can be a valuable professional opportunity for anyone seeking to advance their career.

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