Course Content

Module 1

1.1 Introductions & Job Titles
1.2 SOC Analyst Careers

Module 2

2.1 Insider Pro, Skills and Gaming
2.2 Technical Skills and Certifications

Module 3

3.1 Job Search and Additional Resources
3.2 Resume, Interviews and Salary

Module 4

4.1 Question and Answer Session

Course Description

SOC Analyst, no longer a buzzword in the cyber security world. As more and more organizations scale their IT infrastructure, threat vectors scale along with it. As a result, the role of a SOC Analyst has become a mission critical role in today's cyber security workforce. For many, it can be a dynamic and lucrative career. While many hope to achieve this coveted career level, many are not sure what a SOC analyst does, let alone the continuous need for constant learning and career development. Join Gina Palladino, and our team of career mentors, as she sheds light on this exciting position, and how to take your career to the next level!