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The science of managing risk within an organization has become one of the most significant concepts in information security today. Having a core competency as an organization that can master the concepts of Risk Management Framework can significantly improve the data system security and future operational stability for an organization. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) established the Risk Management Framework (RMF) as a set of operational and procedural standards or guidelines that a US government agency must follow to ensure the compliance of its data systems. Because RMF is a mandatory framework that all agencies must follow, all government employees and government contractors need to be competent in the subject matter so that the framework is complied with, even during change.### About the Online Risk Management Training Class

Cybrary's Risk Management Framework (RMF) training course is taught by industry Subject Matter Expert, Kelly Handerhan. Kelly takes students down a smooth path of learning that begins with an introduction and then propels into operational efficacy. Risk management is a field that integrates risk management and security practices into the system development lifecycle. RMF originally was designed to benefit Department of Defense (DoD) military, civilian, and contractor personnel who are responsible for evaluating information systems under the RMF and certifying to the Government that information systems meet security requirements. Because managing risk is a critical concept for organizations that house sensitive data, organizations outside of the public sector have taken notice of the effectiveness of RMF practices. Key topics in our Risk Management Framework training course include:- Critical Definitions and Policies

  • C&A Transformation/Transition Overview
  • The IC and the Transformation
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Accreditation Boundary
  • System Categorization
  • Select Security Controls
  • Implement, Document, Assess Security Controls
  • Authorize Information System
  • Monitor Information System
  • Reciprocity

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