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Guided, job-specific cybersecurity Career Paths that prepare you for your next job.

Getting Started in Cybersecurity

New to Cybersecurity? Here are some guided career paths that are perfect for individuals that are new to the industry:

information security fundamentals
Become a System Administrator Career Path
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Become a Network Engineer Background

Career Paths are a guide to your next level. What will you become?

Feel confident you are learning with the best

After having helped grow the careers of 2.5 million cybersecurity professionals around the world and individuals from thousands of companies, be rest assured you are choosing the right program from a provider with the track-record to show for it.

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Work through a structured career path curated by experts and tied directly to popular industry job roles

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Use virtualized, hands-on experiences to learn by doing gaining practical, real-world skills

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Track your progress as you move closer to your goal with each learning session

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Be confident you’re ready for the next step of your career journey upon completion

Community and Mentors

Cybrary’s welcoming and active Slack community brings together thousands of industry professionals interested in helping you achieve your career goals. You will have the opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals and receive guidance from Cybrary’s industry-expert mentors.

Our community will:

  • Help you work through labs, career paths, and certification preparation
  • Share their expertise with you
  • Provide career advice by reviewing your resume, identifying job opportunities, and preparing you to have successful interviews
Community and Mentors

Cybrary Wall of Love

"I have purchased the labs in past to help with hands-on scenarios, so when Cybrary announced a pro membership that included that, plus more, I needed to check it out. I am about to start my Masters Degree this year in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking, plenty of what Cybrary provides so far, but now to have hands on labs, practice tests, and even availability to talk with someone who is in the field will be very beneficial, I am really hoping to help accelerate my Masters Degree program with this and Graduate in half the time it normally takes. I have great aspirations to be a security Expert one day and Cybrary has just upped their game in providing that in the next step."

"I am looking to begin a career in the cyber security domain. The new resources such as career paths and mentoring will help in providing skills needed for careers in this field."

"With my newly assigned position I am required to obtain a CISSP certification within 6-months. I liked the availability of virtual labs, practice exams and course content that I will have access to via Insider Pro. Thanks again for the discount code, certainly helped make the decision a no-brainer for me."

"I signed up because I felt like it was a lot more tools and resources that would be beneficial to helping me succeed in passing the exams, and putting me in position to succeed. I really want to succeed in this industry. Working on computers and troubleshooting is a joy for me. So any thing that helps me to get to my goal of landing my first job in the industry, I’m all for it."