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    217. What are the advantages of H.265 encoding relative to H.264 encoding? (Multiple Choice)
    A. Same bandwidth, clearer picture quality and 1 times more transmission channels
    B. Same picture quality, bandwidth and storage are saved in half
    C. Same storage, 10 times more access roads or storage days
    D. Higher compression ratio
    Answer: ABD

    218. Which of the following are the main technical indicators of the camera? (Multiple Choice)
    A. Resolution
    B. Sharpness
    C. Minimum illumination
    D. SNR
    Answer: ABCD

    219. Huawei IPC integrated lever can withstand at least ( ) times the weight of the camera.
    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 4
    D. 5
    Answer: C

    220. The VCN3000 supports a maximum of ( ) self-stacking networking.
    A. 4
    B. 8
    C. 16
    D. 24
    Answer: C

    221. What is the command to properly restart the DB under the command line?
    A. /home/ivstool/bin/service.sh restart pgdb
    B. /home/ivstool/bin/service.sh pgdb restart
    C. /home/ivstool/bin/service.sh db restart
    D. /home/ivstool/bin/service.sh restart db
    Answer: A

    222. What does the mandatory components that make up the Control Center video wall include? (Multiple Choice)
    A. Large screen display
    B. Decoder
    C. Large screen controller
    D. IVS client
    Answer: ABD

    223. When the camera is shooting in a backlight environment, in order to avoid darkness of the main body of the screen, it is necessary to turn on the ( ) function of the camera.
    A. Backlight compensation
    B. Half-balanced
    C. AGC
    D. Electronic shutter
    Answer: A

    224. When the camera site is installed, what are the materials required for power supply access installation? (Multiple Choice)
    A. Lightning arrester
    B. Equipment box
    C. Voltage regulator
    D. Network cable
    Answer: ABC

    225. When you access the front-end web plug-in, you need to install the front-end plug-in correctly. Otherwise, the web page cannot be displayed, and the live fails.
    A. TRUE
    B. FALSE
    Answer: A

    226. The VCN3000 supports a maximum of ( ) cluster networking.
    A. 16
    B. 32
    C. 64
    D. 128
    Answer: A

    227. What operation cannot do during the video playback process of the IVS client?
    A. Pause playback
    B. Fast forward and rewind
    C. Video file backup
    D. Progress drag
    Answer: C

    228. What is the main difference between sensor CCD and CMOS? (Multiple Choice)
    A. CCD sensitivity is higher in the same pixel and size
    B. CMOS resolution is higher in the same size
    C. High sensitivity of CCD
    D. Higher manufacturing cost of CMOS
    Answer: AC



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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