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    HCIE-R&S H12-261 changed questions from Sep, now we have got the new version from real test on Oct.05th.2018, all questions and answers are collected from real test, if you need to pass your HCIE-R&S certification H12-261 exam,then exam new H12-261 study materials can help you 100% pass. It is the latest and valid version you can find in the market.

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    We can use basic community-filters or advanced community-filters to filter BGP routes. Which of
    the following tools make the advanced community-filter more flexible than the basic community-
    A. IP-prefix
    B. AS-path-filter
    C. Regular expression
    D. ACL

    Which of the following scenarios can an AS-path-filter used for? (Multiple Choice)
    A. Filtering the routes received from a BGP peer based on the as-path attributes of the routes, for example, peer X.X.X.X as-path-filter import
    B. Filtering the routes sent to a BGP peer based on the as-path attributes of the routes, for example, peer X.X.X.X as-path-filter export
    C. Apply clauses in a route-policy
    D. If-match clauses in a route-policy

    ICMPv6 uses the type field to identify packet types. Based on values of the type field, ICMPv6 packets are classified into two types: error packets and information packets.
    A. TRUE
    B. FALSE

    Which of the following statements is true regarding OSPF adjacencies and link-state database synchronization?
    A. Full adjacency occurs when OSPF routers reach the LOADING state.
    B. The adjacency relationship begins in the EXSTART state.
    C. All OSPF neighbors establish adjacencies in the FULL state with all other routers on the broadcast netvvork.
    D. The INIT state indicates that a router has received a Hello packet from a neighbor and has seen their own ROUTERID in the Hello packet.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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