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    212. HW network provide MPLS VPN services for customers.
    In HW network, there is a MPLS label stack bottom bit setted to 1, which of the following description on the label is correct?
    A. bottom of the stack bit is Huawei proprietary implementations, and only be used when the LDP acts as the label distribution
    B. bottom of the stack bit is reserved for future
    C. bottom of the stack bit will be used only when LDP acts as a distribution label
    D. when the bottom of the stack bit is set to 1, it indicates that the label is the top label, and remains at 1 until the label stack leaving only the stack bottom label
    E. when bottom of the stack bit is set to 1, it indicates that the label is the bottom label
    Answer: E

    213. You need to configure policy routing on the router to specify a particular traffic through an interface to forward.
    When using policy-based routing, which of the two most typical information can be used to make traffic forward along a specific path?
    A. TTL and source IP address of the packet
    B. source IP address and the second floor source address
    C. source IP address and a specific protocol (such as FTP, HTTP, etc.)
    D. service type header and message length
    Answer: C

    214. LS serial number field is used to detect the outdated and duplicate LSA. This field is a 32bit signed integer, so the smallest serial number is 0x80000000.
    A. TRUE
    B. FALSE
    Answer: B

    215. Based on DSCP, which option description is correct?
    A. IP precedence and DSCP have no overlap part
    B. DSCP’s CS is backward compatible with IP precedence
    C. DSCP and IP precedence is completely the same; the name change is just the practice of marketing orders
    D. DSCP’s last two bit and IP precedence overlapping
    E. DSCP only for TCP, IP precedence only for UDP
    Answer: B

    216. In traffic monitoring policing, using double barrel double speed, the number of tokens in C bucket is TC, the number of tokens in P bucket is TB. When a message whose length is B enters, which of the description is correct? (Please select three correct answers)
    A. If TP-B>0 and TC-B>0, the message is marked green
    B. If TP-B>0 and TC-B<0, the message is marked yellow
    C. If TP-B<0 and TC-B<0, the message is marked red
    D. If TP-B>0 and TC-B<0, the message is marked green
    Answer: ABC

    217. What characteristics does Syslog information have? (Multiple Choice)
    A. Syslog message transmission is reliable
    B. Syslog message transmission is safe
    C. Syslog message Transmission is confirmable
    D. Syslog message transmission is not reliable
    E. Syslog message Transmission is not confirmable
    F. Syslog transmission is unsafe
    Answer: DEF

    218. The users want the router to forward the packet and choose the routing according to their own defined policy and based on traditional routing forwarding. In order to implement the goal, you can use policy routing.
    Which of the following description about policy routing is wrong?
    A. policy routing can not be used to set the IP precedence
    B. policy routing can’t set the DSCP routing in a statement
    C. policy routing can set the next-hop IP address
    D. policy routing can be used to match a message length
    Answer: A

    219. Which of the following description about OSPF adjacency and link-state database synchronization is correct?
    A. When the OSPF router status reaches LOADING state, then FULL adjacency forms
    B. adjacency begins from EXSTART state
    C. In the broadcast network, FULL adjacency will be formed among all routers
    D. INIT state indicates that the router has received Hello message from the neighbor, and the Hello message has already contained its own Router ID
    Answer: B

    220. In Huawei devices, when ISIS imports external routes and set routing information’s external route tag, ISIS’s Metric keep the default type without modification.
    A. True
    B. False
    Answer: B

    221. What is the correct order of using TCP port 443,179,137,110 and 23 protocols?
    A. BGP, POP3, SNMP, TFTP, Telnet
    B. LDAP, SNMP, TFTP, POP3, Telnet
    C. HTTPS, SNMP, POP3, DNS, Telnet
    D. Finger, DHCP Server, NetBios Name Server, POP3, Telnet
    E. HTTPS, BGP, NetBios Name Server, POP3, Telnet
    Answer: E

    222. What benefits can the link bring after enabling WRED? (Multiple choice)
    A. thoroughly to avoid congestion
    B. Avoid TCP synchronization
    C. offer a minimum bandwidth guarantee
    D. provide a certain amount of low latency
    E. can avoid UDP taking up most of the bandwidth when congestion
    Answer: BE



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