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    Does anyone know if you have to take both A+ exams on the same day? Or can you break them up and take them separately? I wanted to learn as much as possible for the first exam, then concentrate on the second.



    According to this reddit post you can but it is not recommended. The user Phalt explains:

    “My suggestion would be not to do it on the same day. I would only schedule one and if (heaven forbid) you fail the 801 you can use the second voucher for it and buy another.”

    So basically you should only do it if you are confident you will pass both. Follow up posters mentioned they scheduled both on the same day and passed.



    Also, according to the last video in the Cybrary Course for 801 it talks about requirements and such for the testing.
    You do have to take 802 within a year of passing the 801 exam to get the certification… so you don’t want to wait to long from the 801 test pass to take the 802 test.



    Thank you guys, great information you guys provided.



    I think you can do them sepratly. Try Damlin’s website



    So what if I passed the first but failed the second? Would I be able to just do the second one again within the year?



    Good question DB85, I was also wondering the same.



    I passed the 802 last year, now I’m getting ready to take the 801. Contacted CompTIA and spoke with two reps, there’s no expiration between passing the exams, only if they change the version. I believe you have to wait two weeks before re-taking an exam if you fail it twice. Also CompTIA is currently offering a 10% discount through their online store.


    Cyberds (Joseph)

    Hello guys,
    Still kinda new to Cybrary and im so excieted about the whole thing and all but Im just a wimp (for now) in the stuff I see here. Really mean to improve my skills. What is A+ used for and any advice on how best I should go about learning A+ (web lessons)? Please help me out someone.



    I know that in the paperwork I received after passing the 801 exam at a Pearson/Vue center that it said I had to pass the 802 within a year. I do know that if you pass the 801 and fail the 802, all you have to do is pass the 802. You do not have to pass both consecutively.



    Cool beans. Thanks for the info 😀


    future hacker





    A+ is the basic information that is needed for IT work. If IT is the field you want to work in, A+ is what you want to begin with first. Going through the modules you will see that the first part (801 study chapters) of the A+ is geared towards hardware and the second part (802 study chapters) is geared towards OS and troubleshooting. Again, if IT is the field you want to go into, it’s a good idea to acquire the A+ certificate, which will show you are familiar with the basic computer information.



    I plan on taking them separately. I’m concentrating on one at a time so Im not on info overload. But whatever your comfortable with is whats important



    nope, i think you should take one by one 🙂
    good luck



    Thanks guys



    I’m really considering taking both on the same day myself. The flashcards I’m studying with are just completely mixed and even Mike Meyers’ book (which is the guide I’m using) is not separated amazingly. He does point out where one starts and the other begins in each chapter but still, it’s not completely separate. Since I’ll basically be studying the material of both mixed together, I figure I may as well just do both on the same day once I feel prepared.



    @jas06770 if you’re considering taking both exams on the same day then I would recommend speaking with the person that will be working at the test center first. Ask them about their Schedule and availability on the day you want to test. You might want to consider only scheduling one exam to begin, that way you are not locked in to take the second in case you fail the first. IF the TCA is willing/able to accommodate, then they should be able to schedule your 2nd exam right there right then.

    I used to work as a Pearson TCA, and I’ve done this many times before without issue. They may balk at scheduling because you’re “supposed to use the website or 800 number” but they CAN do it. Get friendly with your TCA for special favors maybe ;-).




    Someone recommended to me that I do, but I decided to not schedule both exams I did pass 801 and I am currently watching the videos for 802. ( I wish I knew about this website before I took 801 🙁 )



    Yeah, I’m going to take mine on separate days. It’s just an issue of making sure I don’t simply pass them, but I want to do well. I’m really just trying to make it an issue of being able to cover study material more in depth leading up to each exam, so that way I have the confidence to go slay it.

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)

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