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    which configuration should i conside for buying a laptop for hacking and network security?


    Akash Raghav M

    More hard disk space , more ram is enough.

    If you are planning on dual booting or virtualization for hacking, i suggest you to have atleast 4 GB DDR3 Ram and 1 TB hard disk space. With good dedicated graphics for a smooth interface

    Else 2 or 3 GB Ram is enough.

    A modem with greater bandwidth is also a good choice.

    — xMidnightSnowx


    Ξ B ☢ B Ξ


    Don’t forget a quad-core cpu!



    depending on what you want to do with it, make sure you pick the right wireless adapter, so you can inject packages



    I started to suggest that Koert, but I wasn’t sure if he was planning on it, lol. good call.



    Make nVidia CUDA drivers work on your machine to speed up some stuff 😉
    For MS, it’s peace of cake. In case of linux this can be a pain.
    There should be more than enough tutorials for each distribution on the internet, though.
    (sry for offtopic)

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    Harmanjot Singh




    Alienware may not be the best choice, it really depends on what you are wanting to do. I don’t think you need cutting edge game-capable 3d rendering for most stuff a hacker would do. While the processor is certainly going to be able to handle the workload, you can find similar processors in much cheaper laptops. Dell owns Alienware not, so maybe that’s the reason for my bias. Not a big dell fan. But regardless, All the fancy alienware stuff isn’t “needed”, realistically. But it sure is visually appealing!



    love these people suggesting. 🙂



    Oh, and I don’t know if you are going to dual boot, or run any other OS in a virtual machine, but ensure the processor supports virtualization, and that you’ve got a minimum of 4 G or RAM,so you can allocate 2 Gigs to your virtual machine.



    Again, like I stated on another preferred laptop thread. I prefer Dell (Business class) laptops. Consumer LT are not that good but business class are better built plus I can swap the HD easy with these LTs. I just shut down and swap the HD and up and running with another OS in a minute. I have a HD for business, pen testing (White Hat), hacking (not so white hat), and a VM HD.



    can you add the tb externally?


    Tiesna Sulistiana

    i using notebook (axioo) with 2GB Ram :3


    Denny Darmawan

    I think arm pc better than all



    I have had a few Dell Laptops from Inspiron to an XPS 15 they are good rock solid builds when the darn wifi works right so just be careful and read the reviews on some of the Dell kit as they all seem to have intermittent wifi issues.



    Ok lemme get this right u need a laptop that’s got good wireless the ability to have a sim card large hd decent amount of ram and a powerful cpu quad core means nothing tbh u put a quad core up against a duel core duel Xeon and u will still trash the quad core so your after quality of build, secondly or what ever your Gona be hurting her so your Gona need to think of heat you can’t go watercooled on a laptop so u need to think about that so far there’s only one laptop in the world that has this ability the Panasonic tough book it has a metal shell u can throw these baby’s out of a window 2 floors up and not get damaged, USA mechanised division (tankers) use these as they don’t produce much heat and keep a pounding n keep on rocking every part of these are quality compared to the overpriced pos dell computers


    the best laptop for hacking should be a workstation some thing like dell precision or lenovo thinkpad something can work hard and have a great capacity of ram and quad core cpu like I7 extreme edition and also a good quadro gpu for password cracking that is the best choice i think 🙂



    Good topic



    I don’t think those expensive hardware matters much,even a raspberry pi with kali can be a great hacking machine. The Will to learn tops the list.

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