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    So how many people have actually had luck with getting companies such as COMPTIA count these courses towards CEUs?



    Honestly i have heard of no one. At the same time i have never asked anyone either, because the CEU/CPU credits and Certificates of Completion only matter if you get certified and they are deemed a requirement to keep your cert. You probably have already read Cybrary’s disclaimer on the subject but in case others haven’t here it is:

    “About CEU’s / CPE’s
    Continuing Education Units and Continuing Professional Education units are measures of continued learning that are required by some authorizing certification organizations. The authorizing organization may require a certification holder to meet a certain number of units within a given period of time, in order to maintain a certification’s validity. For example, CompTIA requires CEU’s in order to maintain their certifications. Most authorizing certification organizations maintain their own internal approval process for the acceptance of credits.

    Typically, a certificate of completion which includes clock hours and completion date, are required in order to apply for the CEU / CPE credits.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The acceptance of CEU / CPE credits through completion of training on Cybrary is solely the decision of the authorizing certification body.”

    Cert of Completion-CEU/CPE’s




    Yeah i wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t excepted “yet” just do to the company being so new.


    The Rapture

    Just had a co-worker ask me about cybrary being used for Continuing Education, and wondered if anyone has submitted anything and had it accepted yet, and for what certs. Thanks in advance!



    I don’t think they will.



    I just took the Cybrary CompTIA Network+ taught by Anthony Harris. bought the Cybytes to get the cert. I submitted the Cert and a course outline (had to make the outline myself) to the CompTIA ceritmetrics site. The cert said the course was 32 hours, good for 40 CEUs, but CompTIA only gives one CEU per hour of training. I only needed 17 CEUs to renew my A+ cert, so I ran CEU counter to 17 (wouldn’t go any higher), and submitted the course cert and outline doc. Refreshed my Certimetrics CEU page and it now said my A+ce was good until 2019. Next day CompTIA sent me an email saying I had met my CEU requirements and my A+ce cert was good for another 3 years.



    I was wondering how CEU’s were used.



    That’s good to know thanks for the information.



    So the training is free, but you have to buy the certificate as proof of the CEU?



    @gmahnker yes and no, you need cybytes to get the certificates which can be bought or just by being apart of the community and posting in forums and logging in every day.



    @gmanhnker actually as it looks now you now have to take $10 courses for the CEUs.



    Just completed the “Computer and Hacking Forensics” modules and submitted to CompTIA for CEUs towards my CASP. Happy to see a 9.3% applied towards the 75 CEUs required for renewal. Thankfully, I just recently received this cert, so I have a good amount of time to collect the requisite number!

    Wondering if this is a place holder for some form of vetting? I’ll be sure to update if its rejected.



    Can’t speak for how CompTIA works.

    I have submitted CPE for 2 Cybrary courses I did to ISC(2) and ISACA.

    Both groups audit CPEs submitted, but handle this differently.

    ISC(2) will usually come back within a day or two and ask for verification of the CPEs you submitted. I had this happen to me a couple of times during the first few months of being certified. In both cases I emailed the CPE certificate I had and they accepted within a day or two later.

    So usually if they don’t questions, you’re ok.

    ISACA instead picks several people randomly in the middle of the year and audit all their CPEs. I have yet to have this happen to me, but I am prepared as I keep all the certificates for all the CPEs’ I submit, or can obtain them.

    So, yes, for me I am willing to pay the token amount to get the Cybrary certificates.

    Am fairly up on ISC(2) and ISACA’s CPE rules as I’ve had to help others in this area.


    Kung Lao


    very helpful, thanks for sharing



    Thanks for the CompTIA list. It is very helpful.



    Thanks for sharing



    I also wondered how CEU’s worked. Gives me something to look forward to.

    Thanks for the information.



    Hello all,

    Thank you for clarifying. As CompTIA is needing to push for their certs to continue to mean something they are auditing more and more often. I’d claim training time versus what Cybrary (or any other entity if you train elsewhere) say counts toward CEUs as you can get into an audit mess.

    It is rare that out of a group of ten industry professionals at a conference, at least one would have experienced an audit five years ago. Today it is rare if most have NOT had at least one while certified.

    I have always thought it best to spread out the form of training (webinar, conferences, Cybrary, etc.) and just so that you don’t get Rusty I tend to take the three years and spread training out over that period unless I know I’ll be studying for another cert.

    Hope this helps folks fulfill CompTIA requirements in a responsible manner.




    good information, thank you

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)

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