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    Probably not the best place to post this but hey, I’m tryin’. So a thought occurred to me. Not everyone has the best internet service all the time and I was wondering if it would be a cool idea if Cybrary allowed perhaps a P2P download of the courses? I mean it’s already made to be free, and this would allow for us to have everything on a harddrive without having to wait for slow military barracks internet.


    Ivan Grgec

    Unfortunately there is no possibility to download the courses.
    The reason is very simple. This is besplani project for all people on this planet. A Cybrary are financed by donations and visitors. My advice. Press play and as soon as the video squeeze a break and leave for half an hour that you are all loaded, then it wil go smoothly.
    And if we want to continue to free learn then you should connect to the site and give some donations. : D



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    Stein Mark

    Good to know



    Cybrary offers this to you for free, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t making money by having you as a user through ads. You can download their videos through the cybrary android app and soon to be iphone app. I would recommend not downloading the videos through the browser so you support the website.

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    thanks buddy it really help





    thx boys





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    Moderators delete comments. Cool! Freedom of speech and knowledge at its best



    @zhak The text was probably removed as the site is paid for by the adverts. If everyone downloaded the vids and not come on the site then it wouldn’t last very long.



    @clothduck sure it is, but I believe anyone who really wants to download content, will do so either way. having information, knowledge of something, and using it are not the same things. it just looks disappointing and… don’t know how to say it in english correctly – when they speak about free education to people and knowledge sharing, but remove information which they cannot benefit from. anyway, personally to me viewing online is more convenient. don’t know why would anyone like to download content



    read online frnds , cybrary is giving it free of cost.
    we will read it online bt attach some pdf with these videos.



    I personally, like the course videos online – it also gives you your own notepad, so you can refer to your own notes, or perhaps something was missing from a video in the course. The website itself is a good source, having the ads disabled would be option for me, there are some decent companies connected to this site.

    I would have never got to know Cisco Talos Staff on Twitter, now I can fire questions at them at anytime, and expect an answer pretty soon. My only problem is timezones, being in the UK means I have to take off 6hrs on webinars – I prefer to watch them in real time, so I can ask questions during the hour long webinar.

    But, this is only possible since I was told about – I find it a very good website, and backed up by people that know so much about security. In this day and age, its not just a case of losing data or software – SSD’s can be ‘bricked’, which I suffered from recently – and found out from the Talos Security team that a certain variant of ransomware requires no money, and gives no messages but ‘bricks’ hardware.


Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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