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    Over the course of the last 2.5 years I’ve gone through extreme harassment through hacking my websites and now my computer. This has been one of the most daunting experiences that I’ve been through. The issue now is hacking my computer.

    How do i know they’re in my computer? Well, the norm is that hackers attack your system behind the signs but these people are driven to harassment over all else. Once they’re back in my computer they will freeze videos that I’m watching but allow the audio to continue playing. They have frozen my entire computer and not allowed me to use any keys or functions. They will consistently mess around with the mouse and most recently they took over the browser while I was doing a webinar and would not allow different buttons to function.

    My current computer – i7 – 8gig RAM, 750gigs hard drive – Windows 10 operating system

    What have i done to combat this?

    I’ve formatted my computer and done fresh installs of win 10, used both kaspersky and bitdefender’s security software, I’ve replaced the hard drive & RAM, I’ve changed the network keys, passwords, and increase the firewalls in both the routers and my computer security systems. I’ve purchased dlink’s best rated router, set max security settings, and finally just purchased a new computer.

    All that said, somehow they still get back in and are monitoring everything that’s Im doing. I also paid 2 network specialist to come in and redo my network and do a fresh install of my OS. None of these things have been able to even slow down these attacks. I recently had my ISP come in and upgrade their equipment.

    Can someone help me please – this is beyond the most insane thing that I have ever gone through?

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    If you are re-using any of your hard drives or removable media doing a fresh install alone won’t remove rootkits or other embedded viruses/malware. You need to perform a multi-pass wipe, here is a link with more information about media sanitization:


    A good tool to do data destruction or wiping I’ve used in the past is Eraser (https://eraser.heidi.ie/). This tool will give you the option to do one or several passes on the target. There is also the possibility that the video card is infected, remember that they have their own on-board memory.

    I’m also curious about the following:

    * What CLEAR indications have you found that your system has been compromised?

    * Are you the only one with access to this machine and network?

    * What peripheral devices (phone, ipod, etc.) do you connect to the computer?

    Also, I would consider getting rid of Windows 10…it’s awful.



    Hey there,

    thank you for all the help as I’ve been contacting different experts and no one is able to help me as of yet. Also, I contacted a pretty strong hacker directly and was skyping him. During the call the browser closed twice indicating that they were likely listening to the call and decided to show us that they knew I was on the call. As for clear indications, I’ve had to many!

    – While watching a video the screen clicked back to the previous webage. I went to a different video and then the screen went all the way back to Google. This happened on my samsung tablet. It’s 100% that they’re able to see my screen, control the entire device and know exactly what we’re doing.

    – devices – 3 labtops (1 5 months old all have been upgraded to win 10), 1 tablet, 2 iphones (4s and 5s)

    Both my girlfriend and I are being harassed through all this. Our home has been broken into and about $4000 of computers and ID was stolen. We believe they have all kinds of access to our stuff.

    The issue is i’ve been looking into ubuntu and tried using it for a couple months. Most of my software does not work on that OS. Do you have any other ideas?

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    What are you recommendations on the video card?



    This is an excellent article and will provide some useful tips on securing a fresh build Windows 10.


    Makes reference same as cyb3ard to Malware and persistent MBR/rootkits.

    If you have the budget – a hardware firewall (Vigor?), and once up and running a VPN?


    Paul Rouk

    If you want to run Ubuntu but have software compatibility issues, then you could try running Ubuntu as the base OS but run Windows 10 in a virtual PC for any programs which won’t work on Linu.

    Also, if you think someone is controlling your PC remotely, then you should try running Wireshark to see if you can detect their network traffic. Even if their traffic is encrypted, they can’t hide their source IP address.



    Thank you and this is great! I paid for the premium 1 year services from Kaspersky. For the last 3 days, each day I’ve contacted them about my daily hacking issues. Their team has run a full scan and clean campaign each day

    – Malwarebytes
    – Malwarebytes rootkit
    – kaspersky full scan
    – kaspersky tdsskiller
    – Nobot
    – hitman pro
    – SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
    – adwcleaner
    – Hijack this
    – DOS analysis
    – Sophos anti virus
    – Sophos rootkit

    Each day the hacker came back and either exited the browser while I was working or messed around with the mouse or closed the video that my girlfriend and I were watching. They also decided that since I’m trying the get rid of them that they would hack into one of my client websites and insert Malware and Phishing scripts on a page that resulted in Adwords stopping all ads campaigns to that website. In short, neither kaspersky’s software nor their team was able to help me.

    This is so extreme! I’m not sure what to do about the hardware. It’s a great idea but they broke into our home and stole my business laptop, personal ID, and my girlfriend’s ipad. We added home security but that has not stop harassment by any means. Right now, I’m focused on bills and don’t have the money for all this stuff.



    Ok, I’ve added the network software but need to software how best to use it



    Forgive me if I sound a bit blunt here, but a few questions.

    What country are you located in?

    My first thoughts when you posted was someone has a grudge against you, if you are in a repressive regime could be government?

    However you have now said they are targeting your clients websites.

    If I was a client, or I had a business being targeted and threatened my client base – my business, and PII of my clients, that is criminal.

    Why on earth have you not approached law enforcement. Having harassment of your personal stuff is one thing, but moving to other aspects of your life that affects others is something else.

    If it isn’t resolved and goes manky, by not flagging to the appropriate people you are leaving yourself wide open.

    I’m guessing if you are not in a western country eg. USA/Canada or Europe that you might not have the same authorities available to go to – that is a problem.

    But from what you have said so far Kaspersky have not had much success?!?!?!



    I’m in Canada and in this country we have the RCMP. The RCMP have been little to no help. They have a cyber crimes department that I’ve filed the theft with but that went no were. Everyday, they do something else to prove no one can help me. Which is why Im here. I’ve done a lot but no one had been able to help us.

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    Either someone is really after you, or it’s all in your head. After everything you said, I would consider moving, different internet lines, wiping everything. Fresh start.


    Ben Harley

    Wow. No offence but this do looks like a Hollywood movie story! If you have tried different OS, different computers & also different security setups then you should try to know what kind of people are playing with you! If they can access you anywhere and anytime. This is big! you need to go to the state department for help. these softwares wont do much.



    I would take out the internet cable for a few days, even weeks, considering that everything you said it’s true. In my opinion, it sounds like trolling, but let’s suppose you say the truth. So to continue the idea, there is a psychological need these guys have, namely to feel they are in control over you and *that* is gives them the ultimate satisfaction and the long standing motivation. The stealing is just to harass and scare you, thing which let’s them feel progressively empowered. The more you struggle to oppose them, the more they feel provoked. Disconnect the computer from the internet and you’ll have them a little bit cut off from their reward.

    Then one useful way is to distract their attention. Let’s also say that everything inside your house is compromised. Get a laptop and carry it with you all the time. Get a mobile carrier internet connection and use it only with that laptop. In the mean time, power up your the attacked computer and let them think the are still playing with you. Create new accounts for everything you have and practically you go on a side connection and let them think they occupied your world and you are know living under their control, which is really not the case.
    You have to leave the attacked computer powered all the time if possible. At first they’ll play around as usual, but at some point they’ll see that no one is working at it. This will take their precious toy, the control. Somehow they will figure it out that you found another way to do your things and they can’t do anything about it. Now they can’t find you around.

    Everything they’ll have will be a hallow computer that you put at their disposal to play around like children in the backyard, where they’re safe. They don’t like safe.
    Talking to the police will help because such an attacked computer, as described above, might be a suitable trap to track them down.
    It might be anyone doing this to you, your clients, your colleagues.


    Thanks for the info



    Honestly it sounds more like you have a buggy motherboard than someone hacked into your system….but that’s just my opinion.

    However, hackers are also a possibility. So here’s what I’d try(obviously you can use the internet, you’re here posting) and it seems the ‘let’ you run you anti-virus.

    Next time they are on, open up a command prompt with admin privs(if they have a rootkit, you won’t be giving them anything they don’t already have)

    (close all browsers and then) At the command prompt, type “netstat -ab” this will give you a list of all connections on your computer(and what processes are using them) pay particular attention to any that say “established” and note down their IP’s, and the process using them. Then don’t do anything. Do this the next time they are on, and see if their IP changes. This may give you an indication of the subnet range they are using, then go into windows firewall, and block all INBOUND


    OUTBOUND connections to that subnet(to see if they go away. Then if that dryoesn’t work, try clean install again(and repeat the above, BEFORE even connecting it to the internet) That should work, unless they are in your building and using an evil twin, but if they are remote, that should work.

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    a few av scans, detect is also a good program


    Ben Harley

    What kind of info did you get from here or the post you wrote is for just mere participation?


    Ben Harley

    The things he was talking about are serious. Do you honestly think that security product will help him out? he needs protection. Probably a police case is what I sensed from his post. This is no joke brothers.


    Seymour Bucks

    I’m sorry but after all the steps you said you went through.. All the experts and refreshes… Still having the same issue.. I’m calling BS… THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL ANY HACKER IS THAT GOOD…. by now someone would have found something.. it has to be a buggy system on your end… Unless you really really really really really REALLY pissed off the BEST HACKER IN THE WORLD OFF



    My suspicion is firmware. Maybe a firmware backdoor was implanted. Obviously the hackers want to show their power over harassing you for so long. If I were you Id probably either cut the internet off for a prolonged period of time, say a few months, hoping they get tired of harassing you. That or replace the router you have and get a completely new laptop, completely wipe yourself, contact your ISP and request for a new IP, get a completely different router model, get a new different laptop. Start afresh.

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