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    I suspect this thread is pretty dead now, but my gut is leaning towards non-malicious activity.

    The original posts indicates the following: out of sync video and audio, anomalous web browsing issues, and general PC freezes– all of which seem to be technical issues that don’t necessarily correlate to malware.

    But, for fun, let’s got down the “hacker/malware” path:

    1. Most of the indicators described above would require an active connection, like a reverse shell, or another layer-7 RAT type of program. As stated earlier, any such connection, would be easily identified via a simple netstat command.

    2. Why would someone (a hacker) spend that much time and effort simply disrupting your general computer use? You have to think like a “hacker” to identify and combat “hackers”. If you think this is malicious software operated by someone who is harassing you, you have to ask: Who would do this time me? Have I’ve been in any confrontations lately? Is there any reason that someone would want to target me and harass me, i.e., any reason for anyone to want revenge?

    I’d also look into the Sysinternal’s free suite of software, namely, autoruns. The program can help you look for strange installs/malicious executables that may have been installed.

    The best way to know for sure is to perform a forensic image of your harddrive and to isolate true indicators of compromise.




    This thread is not dead! I’m receiving your comments and direction. Thank you.

    I’m confident now that these attacks are at the government level. So, the question is, how

    does a Canada born individual handle his government attacking him, daily!

    Yes, I’m dealing with people that not only have the ability to do all that I’ve said and more but I’ve spoken

    with someone that went through many of the same issues from these people and he decided to simply move

    to another country. That is not an option for me and running is not an option. I’ve worked with cyber experts

    and added many upgrades but I believe they have backdoor access to all digital and telecommunication systems.

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    Thanks for sharing.



    Send me your IP. I’ll take a look for you 🙂



    Hey there,

    they’ve taken over all devises and have full access to my life. I am being targeted by government level agencies. This is not a joke!

    Can you explain what you’re going to do?





    wow alot of good info here guys



    The same thing has been happening to me for quite a few years. This cyber harassment is stalking pure and simple. Hacking into home router, computers, Doorbell, firewalls, email, ONLINE MEDICAL RECORDS, phones, credit cards, anything online is free game, this should be a crime, but no authority cares because no money was stolen. These psychopaths know it. Also, it’s no fun if they don’t leave us breadcrumbs to let us know they are “in” again. Such a waste of energy.

Viewing 8 posts - 21 through 28 (of 28 total)

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