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    As the sole IT person at my company, I’d just like to share that I converted the company (200 users) from 2 hosted email service providers, 3 file-storage providers, 3 video and/or chat service providers, and a few other subscribed services ALL down to GSuite (formerly Google Apps). And things have never been better or simpler for me as an IT person.
    This change netted a HUGE annual savings (more than my salary at this point… so we’ll see if we can bridge that gap!), and an increase in collaboration and productivity.
    Please feel free to ask questions, as I’m a believer through experience here.

    I’m currently pushing out old Windows laptops in favor of Chromebooks, now that I’ve trained my users in the use of GDocs, GSheets, and GSlides over M$ Office.
    I’m also considering moving to a cloud phone system like RingCentral, so I can just hand a Chromebook and headset to my users and be able to tell them, “Here is everything you need to do your job. Go and be productive.”

    Service providers we were able to drop in favor of the <$5/user/mo cost of GSuite:
    -Microsoft File Server (only used locally with deployed server infrastructure)
    -Dropbox (mixed free and paid)
    -Free/Personal Google Drive

    Video Conferencing (replaced entirely with Google Hangouts) :
    -WebEx ($$$)
    -Skype (mostly free)
    -Various others (Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Free Hangouts)

    Internet-based slide sharing app ($$$$ubscription cancelled, saving us >$45K/yr for 40 users!) (replaced with GSlides + GHangouts)

    -Microsoft Office ($$$$$) (now using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides for everything!)
    -Other Microsoft licensing is going away quickly
    -Antiviru$ is going away for endpoints as we deploy Chromebooks (at ~$300ea, with protective cases!)

    Since having done this, we have a much smoother time with many things. Being a geographically-dispersed company and not yet having invested the many tens of thousands of dollars to set up intra-site VPNs or MPLS as well as licensed Microsoft infrastructure, GSuite was a Godsend. It allowed us to forego huge capital expenses without even converting those to operating expenses. We were met with AN INCREASE IN FUNCTIONALITY on a unified platform WITH A NET $AVINGS.

    I recently discovered a free Forrester report called “The Total Economic Impact of Google Apps for Work” (it’s a PDF, and I think the service provider just wants your email address for you to download it). It did a good job explaining the monetary benefits of GSuite, including a cost chart that showed a ONE MONTH ROI. Having that in my hands 2 years ago would have made the C-level executives MUCH more cooperative with my plan, and it wouldn’t have taken so long to get where we finally are today, so find that and keep a copy.

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