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    I have been studying for CEH exam for a few months now. In a few weeks I am thinking about taking the exam. If you have prior knowledge, please share your experience. Any advice is appreciate it.
    Once I pass the test, I will share my experience as well.



    I’m currently studying as well, I have taken Security+ and from my understanding CEH is essentially Security+ with some specific tool options/and hacker terminology/methodology.

    I’ve taken the CEH V9 bootcamp, and now that i’m working graves I have time to dive in..I plan on taking it within the next 60 days, so I’ll report back here as well when I finish and hopefully to read your update as well.



    Great to hear. I appreciate your input. Did the bootcamp give you any strategy on how to take the test?



    Did you two pass the test yet ?



    I haven’t taken the test yet. Soon though.



    Good luck.



    For the latest CEH test there are some things you should know really well:

    1. The commands for a variety of tools such as: Nmap, HPING2, and Wireshark syntax. These play a fairly large role in the test.

    2. Definitions for many hacking words and concepts. This is a broad topic and one that every ethical hacker should know. I won’t give any specifics but you should have a good grasp of many different attack vectors, tools and security concepts.

    3. You should know basic networking to help with some of the questions. This is a broad topic, but an ethical hacker needs to understand networking on a basic level to be proficient.

    4. Know the basics of cryptography as well.

    5. Be prepared for some “scenario” type questions.

    You might have already taken the test but I thought I would throw these out there to try to help a bit.



    Hi DaveB135, That is pretty helpful. Thank you for your advice.



    There are so many ways to learn ethical hacking online :-

    Online Learn – Google is one of the best place to learn CEH certification course online. I am sharing few commands it will help you to find correct materials – “learn online ethical hacking” “ethical hacking course online” “ethical hacking training online”

    Watch Video – Nowadays, video is the most powerful and interesting way to learn course online

    Informative Articles – Read the informative articles and get the hint from them

    Online Tutorials – Use online online tutorials and do the practice at home


    Forum or Community – Active on forum and community websites and share your query there and get the expert advice or participate on query.

    Buy Book online – You can buy book easily and get
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    Thanks for sharing.



    good luck






    Hi Guys,
    Sorry I haven’t been active in Cybrary for while.
    I would like to thank all of those provided advices.
    I did received my CEH cert in Jan of 2017.
    My one more advice for those hasn’t taken the test yet, do not take the test at home. It was not fun at all.
    Just go to the test center near you.
    Happy hacking, keep learning, try Harder !!!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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