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    For those that are not aware there is a new series of certs coming out by ISACA specializing in Cybersecurity focused on NIST & NICE. I applied for a job within my organization and they stressed on knowing NIST & ISO 27000. After joining ISACA, paid membership, I purchased study material for this exam. Took the test today and passed.


    Even though this cert is not part of the DoD standards, yet, I still think its a good exam/cert. Those thought I’d share ..

    Cert overview:

    Now I feel a bit more confident to go for the CISA. 🙂

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    Hi Samuel, congratulations for passing the test! How would you score the quality of the material and the level of the exam? If you are familiar with security+ , how you would compare it to the ISACA cyber security exam? Thanks



    Hi & thanks. Most of the security concepts overlap. The main difference is that the ISACA exam focuses strictly on Cybersecurity, incident response, APT, etc. The Security+ goes into other factors that are not part of Cybersecurity, like physical security .. mantraps, CCTV, etc.

    The next exam in the CSX series was released last week which is a hands-on exam where you use the NIST framework to respond to a simulated attack. It’s in BETA.



    Hey Guys!I have just finished reading 15 pages of exam guide. I need more practice questions. Please suggest.


    Kapil Sharma 5

    I want to take CSX exam. Need more practice questions before that.



    You need to be careful when companies bring up knowing “NIST”.

    NIST is an organization. Its not a single security standard. Its like throwing out ISO. Meaningless. (and yes, I’ve seen companies do that. I assume they are probably referring to ISO/IEC 27001)

    Are they referring to some of the NIST Special Publications 800 series, especially 800-53 et al? Then they are referring to the various documents that form FISMA, which is a security standard for federal agencies. You might hear the term “Risk Management Framework”, which is part of this. [there is a good Cybrary course on the RMF that will help you one this].

    OR are they referring to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which is a fairly new framework aimed at any company or organization. The NIST CSF is different from FISMA/RMF. In fact, I have yet to see companies ask for knowledge in it on job descriptions.

    The new ISACA CSX certs are “based” on the NIST CSF only in a very loose sense.

    Cybrary needs to do a NIST CSF course. Heck, I could do it since I’d actually done assessments based on it, presented at conferences, and have attending NIST workshops on it.



    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone where I can find online a course in order to prepare myself for the ISACA CSX fundamentals certification exam?

    I cannot find anything related to CSX in Cybrary, unfortunately.

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

    Kind regards,




    All the materials I’ve seen for preping for the CSX stuff is coming from ISACA at present.

    The certs are just too new to attract others to prepare any materials for them as yet.

    ISACA is also pushing some of their events, like their new CSX conference, as a means to “prep” for these.

    Am a little critical of this, and I say this as a long time ISACA member.



    Congratulations from me too



    Thanks everyone for all the information regarding this new Cert. I have the book and going through it a couple times before taking this test. In your opinion what is the next logical step the Security+ or anything else?



    Thanks for posting this, it’s really interesting and helpful.

    I just did HITRUST CSF certification, which is a healthcare framework based on ISO 27xxx and NIST 800-xxx (it also ‘borrows’ heavily from COBIT and PCI-DSS).

    Anyway, I’d love something to shore-up my NIST knowledge. Good to know employers are asking for it. Thanks again.



    Hi Laureano,

    I recently saw your badge. Congratulations! What about the CISA, have you tried it?



    Jose Z

    Hi all, I am looking into doing CSX Fundamentals Certificate, or is there a more recognised certificate or certification that you recommend I should follow instead or before CSX?



    Do I need to take CSX Fundamentals or directly CISA?


    Jade Martin

    Pass ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification easily using up-to-date dumps from



    Hi – I would like to write , can you share the questions ?

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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