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    High, I am a grandma that has come yo the conclusion that if I am to have a working computer then it is my responsibility to learn how to effectively respond to any such compromising event that comes my way. This not only protects me but as I havr learned that I would be stopping the spreading of such malware coming ftom any device I own. Seen many ways how a malware can use the firewall against me, turn phone on right in front of me, as well as triggers that lock your device rendering it unusable. 5 years I have what I call a plague. It is already infected within the 1st day it is powered on. Know that a smartphone can be used to spread malware by bluetooth, NFC, or thinking using the cast feature to infect a vulnerable computer. I have spent many dollars paying people to clean my device when I power it up I see the same indications that show the device is still infected. So I am a self doer, we built our own home, taught myself how to prepare taxrs, can make pretty beaded jewelry, and now I am starting from scratch the computer and how it works as the best way to relieve myself of this persistent threat. I figure that if you need something done right do it yourself. So here I am at the fundamentals of the computer. I havr learned several things already. I have been jumping around from Wikipedia to Microsoft Technet where generally I understand what things are but how to do them is a total blank for me. I am. Enjoying Cybrary and maybe I will carry through this great site and get certification as I am as old as I feel tight now it feels like the first day of school. Thanks for reading maybe later I will see other peoples situation in life and finally some interesting communications on computing.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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