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    So there is this person who keeps hacking my pc. It all started when I was in a gaming community on ps2. I was sent an email with a picture. Back then, I was not to aware about pc security and stuff. Since then, this person has been monitoring my activities online. Following me around and using personal information to make known he is watching.
    I have formatted my pc many times to clean up everything, yet this person manages to hack into pc without me clicking on any attachments or anything I get in mail. The usual tips that I get is, get antispyware, scan etc etc.. But the software being used is not detectable. Only once did he get cockblocked (Yea he has a hard on for me, and probably jacking off to this post too), was with nod32. Only time that the hack attack was detected.
    I would like some advanced tips on how to deal with this cockroach.
    Thanks in advance.



    Could be your router. Get a new one. Or you could nuke/destroy everything, change all passwords and start over with new devices.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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