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    Hi I’m Ande.

    New to security, not new to IT.
    Nice to meet you everyone.



    Oh, hello! I’m Andrew.
    I am currently a senior in high school, but I’ve been working with IT development for a few years now. I’m even interning with my school IT department!
    Cybersecurity, I thought would be helpful to add not only to a College Application but to a resume as well. I enjoy gaming, development, and computer construction; I’m always looking forward to my next computer build.
    Very nice to meet everybody.



    Hi there cybrary world!



    Hello everyone,
    I’m a first year student in university in Algeria, informatic branch, I’m obsessed by all informatics and much interested to prog.languages and cybersecurity, I’m really enjoying cybrary website.



    Hello! I’m a student from Ukraine. Intrested in pentesting.



    Idris from nigeria .. Love listening to music,watching movies and love having fun…. Studied Electrical and Electronics engineering wud love to know more IT {beginners level}



    Hi everyone, I am Solomon @softsoliy from Nigeria, am new here and new to the IT world. But I really want to learn about Hacking as I have applied for computer science in a university. Thanks for the support and assistance I will be getting.



    Hey guys, how you doing? I’m Harshit from Mumbai, India. I hold Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. I look forward having a great time with all of you on Cybrary.



    Hello I am watiscrypto and I like cryptography.



    Hello. I’m a newbie to cybrary. Join this forum to get and sharing knowledge about penetration testing.



    Hi everyone! This is Micah from Nigeria, i would like to say a big thank you to the cybrary staff. This is a good place to learn all you need to become a good I.T Professional, i am very happy to be here.
    A big shout out to you all.



    I am new to this and typically do not bother to post anything online anywhere.
    I do not Facebook, Skype, Tweet or any of the other social things most individuals consider the norm.
    I am here today.. !400hrs. in Japan and would like to say that I found this site purely by accident.
    The relevancy being: I used this site to gain knowledge for the CASP 002 exam. Did it help? Well I passed it the first time out and this site was very instrumental in that. I have 4 or 5 different books and the instruction I garnered from this site helped me make sense of it all. I will be back after some much needed rest. I love this site..



    Hello everybody,

    Like so many of you, I also just recently stumbled upon Cybrary and find this a fantastic concept. I live in Australia and actively looking for a suitable role ideally in Penetration Testing. So far, I haven’t had much luck due to a lack of all these fancy certifications. I only got Security+ and never really felt excited to go for CISSP or other certifications as I didn’t like the concept of paying so much money and keep on collecting all theses CPE’s in order to maintain these certifications. I believe this has turned into a money-making industry and I don’t like it.

    Anyway, as I see no other way to stick out of the masses (I don’t like competition either and truly believe in teamwork), I’m now aiming at some certifications like CEH and whatever else I would need in order to show those HR-people that I’m qualified.

    I’ve got 14+ years experience as an IT generalist, I’m passionate about IT Security but don’t really want to become a SME in a particular area. I’m creative and make use of my brain and my common sense and would be bored quickly, if I were confined to a compartmentalized scope of work. So I’m thinking that perhaps penetration testing would suit me best as it is still a wide field for me to explore.

    I’m glad I’ve found this community and feel I’m among like-minded people. Thanks Cybrary!!!



    Hi my name is Shaun I am a Technology Manager, I have my own website business and would like to know if you will be adding Red Hat Enterprise as a learning tool. That would be nice. My favorite football teams are the Giants, Jets, and Cardinals.



    Nice to meet you Audry. Good luck learning.



    Welcome Andrew and good luck


    Pintu The Hacker

    Hello Friends,
    I have 6 years of experience in Web Application Development. I like to be a pro.




    Hello everyone, i’m working as IT Administrator since 2007, i love the hacking world and i’m trying to learn as much as possible. My nickname come from an hacker’s tv series, my favourite, Mr. Robot.
    I think this site can help me a lot 🙂

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    Nate here, just heard about the site on the Hack Naked podcast and decided to check it out, like what I see so far..



    Hi, rookie from PH…

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 901 total)

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