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    Don’t know if anyone else has written about this yet but Saturday McAfee announced a new Zero-day exploit with Microsoft word that affects all windows systems and all Microsoft Office, yes even Windows 10 and Office 2016. Just wrote a paper on it and here are some of the highlights. “The exploit appears in a word doc attached email message. When you open the doc (an RTF file with a .doc name extension), it has an embedded link that retrieves an HTA file. (an HTML application is usually wrapped around a VBScript or JScript program.) The downloaded file puts a decoy that looks like a document up on the screen, so users thinks they’re looking at a doc. Tit then stops the Word program to hide a warning that would normally appear because of the link.” (Fuscaldo, 2017). Once the HTA program has been downloaded “the HTA can run whatever it wants in the context of the local user. According to McAfee, the exploit works on all versions of windows, including Windows ten. It works on all versions of Office, including 2016.” (Fuscaldo, 2017). found it interesting reads referenced a couple different sources on this paper I will post them here for more reading.

    Fuscaldo, D. (2017). Microsoft Word Target of Zero-Day Malware Attack. INVESTOPEDIA.
    Leonhard, W. (2017). Word zero-day affects all versions of Office and Windows. InfoWorld.
    Whittaker, Z. (2017). Hackers are attacking Word users with new Microsoft Office zero-day vulnerability. ZDNet.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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