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    Simple Question. I’ve played with both, like them both (though parrot does seem to have some update issues). What’s your preference? Why? So Parrot OS, or Kali Linux as your “go-to”



    I know Kali Linux and it is very very good and frequently updated. I don’t know Parrot OS and I’m curious to hear something about it.



    Parrot “looks” better with some nifty features, and has a TON of tools. When I tried to update via package manager, it would either not update, or would seem to want to download EVERY package available. Maybe something I did wrong even though I chose update only.

    Kali, I’m sure I could tweak the interface to my liking, and I do enjoy the ease of update and ease of finding the tools I’m after. I’ve used Kali since backtrack 3, and wanted to check something new out (kali is my personal preference but Parrot seems to be gaining some ground as well)



    I couldn’t install kdirstat on kali linux, guess I have to figure out how to install externally downloaded software properly;)



    I’d have to say install both and use each a good amount of time and see which one you’re more comfortable with. Heck you could just use both. I have lots of different Pentesting OS’s lol!

    @rhunyor Although tools are useful, tools do not make up for skill



    After some more toying around, I’m sticking with Kali. Just more my style. Parrot may be “prettier” but in my opinion, pretty doesn’t = good. Parrot in itself is okay, just too many bugs to be viable as a full time solution.

    I agree Surge. Tools aren’t skills. It’s the skill to use the tools at hand that make us what we are 🙂



    Kali Linux is the best Linux Distro for Penetration Testing…



    Yeah, it may be ugly(That change from Ubuntu to Debian really did a number on it), but lots of people prefer Kali. However, if you’re more into stability, may I suggest BT5R3. Here’s a list of Pentesting Distro’s I know of:
    Kali Linux
    BackTrack (1,2,3,4,5)
    Parrot OS
    BugTraq(1 and 2)
    Cyborg Hawk



    I looked at Cyborg, like Parrot, it Looks “cool” but not overly confident in it’s functionality, and Kali is backtrack (renamed after 4 or 5 I think when they went to Debian). Parrot is fun, but not overly functional as a standalone system. Too busy after really getting into it. Backbox I haven’t looked at, but have heard of and may check out for giggles.

    I can always customize Kali to my liking (<3 Linux) so it’s really not about aesthetics so much as overall stability and functionality.



    Yeah you can always customize the theme to your liking. But yeah, play around with them!



    I think KALI OS is more stable then parrot os
    and the coming soon version Kali v2.0 akka “SANA” look like more stable then previous


    Dimopoulos Elias

    I read a lot about parrot this days. I cannot find ONE thing that parrot can do and SANA can’t do. I am talking about penetration test. I don’t care if parrot is “cool”.


    Arjun C Shekar

    As far as I think, Kali Linux and Parrot Security are almost the same but with their own exploits.



    I’ve heard about parrot os but i havent try it ?
    im so corious to know about that?



    I Think Kali linux is best OS….



    A longer while back I used BackTrack. I then went very happily to Kali. When Kali ‘2’ came out, I made the switch to Kali ‘2’, but I did experience a lot of instability (frozen machine, etc..). Since I had just abandoned the first version of Kali, I decided to try Parrot.

    I found Parrot very satisfying. I experienced no instability and no problems with upgrades, but I did use the recommended ‘soup’ script to update.

    For the time being I am happy using Parrot.



    Atm I use Kali and am interested in other pentesting OS’s such as ParrotOS and BlackArch


    Aquib Khan

    Parrot is developed by Frozenbox Network and designed to perform security and penetration tests, do forensic analisys or be anonymous on the web. Parrot Security uses a the Mate Desktop environment which is a nice change of pace. This is a Debian-based distribution similar in look and feel to Kali Linux because the crew at Frozen Network started with the Kali git repository.

    Over to Kali Linux It has more than 300 pentesting tools,



    I’m not completely experienced in both; but i’d still say Kali Linux is the best (In my book). This is only because it seems to have a better interface and is more commonly used. Other than that, ParrotSec’s OS is stunning, the GUI is fantastic, it’s just a shame there aren’t many tutorials for me to follow. Whereas, people provide Kali Linux tutorials regularly.



    Doesn’t really matter which OS. Its how you use them and your own experiences that’s best. I tend to stick to either Kali or CAINE depending on what i need to do. In most cases i can get the indo I need wih CAINE. I often just use the wintaylor tools or utilities. That with OPHcrack or ntregedit to get past initial windows passwords is adequate most of the time

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 55 total)

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