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    Doktor Frankenstein

    @midge Parrot is okay. It was a bit unstable for me. If you’re having freezing problems in Kali 2.0 [I was experiencing the same effect.] I have a solution for it.



    You can just try both .. and see what is more suited for your skills



    Kali and Parrot has great tools and you can tweak in a good number of ways. I liked Kali ’till I met Parrot Security. I think it is a “cleaner” approach, more complete and diverse. That’s my opinion, but I can understand diehard fans from both side. I guess it’s nice for you to use both and just learn to take from them the best they have. They are all great distros, and there are many others with admirable qualities.



    I am new to Kali Linux
    any course to learn it?


    Franck KAMGAING




    I am going to try Parrot Os. But since ultimately they are both Debian based (remember Ubuntu is based on Debian) I am not sure what the great difference in terms of upgrades is going to be.

    As far as I am concerned there are aptitude based systems, yum (rpm), portage (Gentoo), BSD and other systems that I don’t know. I have used mainly Debian based systems and as a developer use mainly CLI or standard IDE’s like Eclipse.

    Many SOC vendors use Ubuntu so I have used Ubuntu a lot but I get rid of Unity (If I wanted Windows I would use Windows) and use Xfce desktop (Xubuntu) as soon as I install a new system.

    I like Kali but will try Parrot to see if it has any tools I don’t know.


    Kali linux



    Kali is my go to system but I really want to venture out and try other systems.


    Arjun C Shekar

    Well Parrot OS is also one of the best penetration testing OS, but lags some of the security tools such as Metasploit Framework and as well as some tools which is present in Kali Linux and other Linux Distros and you need to deploy it from external sources. Apart from that, you can use Parrot OS for penetration testing



    My vote will goes to Kali Linux without any doubt.



    if you are pro kali is the most stable and update and backup from pro in industry and for other you can’t count om them if your work is based on testing because you should had a backup in support such as forums tuto etc



    The main ‘pros’ of Kali Linux is that it is a rolling edition which means not to care about updating to a new version ever.

    The main ‘pros’ of Parrot Security OS is that, as far as I’ve been reading (I haven’t tried yet), it has some tools preinstalled that Kali doesn’t. I suppose you can install them on your Kali distro, of course, but you have to do it. In Parrot that work is already done.
    Black Box, for example, includes a script and the Tor client properly configured from scratch that allows you to make the whole system to connect to the Internet through Tor. That can be achieved on any other distro in where Tor is installed if you change what you have to change and you get the script, but in Black box it is already done. So, It can be interesting to have all those different distros installed as virtual machines and, may be, Kali as one of the host systems. When you wonder which distro is the best to have physically installed on your computer, points like If our discrete graphics card can be used with pyrit for example, should be considered. That is, which one can make the most of our hardware 🙂

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    Yusuf Shalahuddin

    I like ParrotSecOS it has Kali and Caine tools together



    i used both…
    kali and parrot but kali is more pawerfull and parrot is much beautiful ..
    you can do everything in both OS’s so i suggest you try both then choose… 🙂



    ParrotSec 3.1.1 is really amazing to me, not only does it have a great UI, it also has a number of awesome tools and cloud and not to mention they made it look good for a main OS as well, so if you want a laptop with a security OS as the main OS check into ParrotSec 3.1.1.



    Kali has been fun for me, get a good idea of various different tools and is updated so works well in my lab environment. Currently learning about the Katana framework as well. Used before in CCDC labs as its portability in distros across hardware limitations.

    Have not looked at Parrot OS



    Hiii every boby
    i ve been starting kali linux for 2days
    is parrot easier than kali???
    plz help me…



    I like both and I use both the only reason I have parrot as my main os is because my machine for some reason cannot run kali, the GUI simply won’t load. I remember hearing that parrot is a combination of kali and another distro. I think it is pretty much the same as kali only with more of a Hollywood hacker feel with the three monitors at the top of your screen XD.


    Rabia Ragoubi





Viewing 20 posts - 21 through 40 (of 55 total)

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