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    Paul Rouk

    Has anyone tried Bugtraq-II Blackwidow? I just discovered this yesterday and it sounds similar to Kali and Parrot.


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    I am not taking away from Kali but remember Parrot was build for developers and for Cloud and cloud datacenters pentests.



    Can u tell me also how to use kali for hacking



    Hey I want to thank everyone in this thread. I recently started learning more about linux after the House and Senate internet privacy vote put TAILS back on my to to list. After I felt comfortable with tails I started reading up on Kali (I knew of backtrack long ago but didn’t have the knowledge to act on it). Long story short… I brushed off cybrary a couple years ago after skimming the courses available at the time and not finding anything that fit my needs. I never would have given this place a second glace had I not noticed this thread while trying to pick which distro to learn next. So kudos for gaining the site at least one new member.



    I’ve recently started using Parrot as my main OS on a low-end netbook, aesthetics aren’t important to me – I mostly use it with the i3 window manager, and the whole system idles at only 80mb memory.

    Before that, I added the Kali PPA to my Lubuntu distribution via Katoolin, and it broke everything, which meant I had to reinstall. Have been using Kali since the Backtrack days, and it’s a great distribution, but I’ll be sticking with Parrot on this machine, purely because of its low footprint.

    My only (minor) gripe with Parrot is the customised Firefox theme makes text boxes difficult to write in because the text and background colours are similar: easily changeable though

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    I would not use tools as a part of a parameter and most user rarely uses more than ~20% of the tools.


    Paul Rouk

    There is a new version of Kali Linux available (the 2017.1 release). The biggest change is that it now makes OpenVAS 9 available for vulnerability scanning. However, you do have to install it manually as it isn’t included in the default installation due to its large size.






    I think each person’s experience differs from the other. It mostly depnds on how you use the OS and what you use it for. For me, I’m sticking with Kali.



    Parrot has an attractive interface but kali performs better. For me, I’m sticking with Kali.



    I have edited the sources.list in my kali Linux and have added all the parrot repositories. So I get an advantage of getting all the custom parrot tools as well. Also they work since both of the OS are based on debian…



    I have spent many, many, MANY hours with both of these OS’s in the last few months. What I can tell you from my experience so far is that kali has a few more pen test tools than parrot, but I had more issues loading other apps in kali like tor, onion circuits etc etc that are already in parrot with all of the kinks worked out. I can add metasploit, SET, and other pen-test tools in parrot more easily.
    A quick example would be when I had to extend my LVM root partition in kali, it didn’t have the tools to do it without a bunch of research and experimenting, I booted parrot live on that machine and used the gui LVM manager to easily extent the partition.
    I think parrot has come a long way since this thread started as well. The fact that kali is “rolling” is a huge benefit through, if I didn’t reload my systems all the time anyways, if I were going to keep an OS running for a long time it would be kali…


    Mounir harhouz


    Well, I have kali 2017.1 installed. The ugly truth is that while it’s believed to be the best pentesting distro, it often gets broken. I wanted to install kingphisher, and the OS OS OS instantly broke, leaving me behind to reinstall kali. Parrot is much much more stable. So I now prefer Parrot Security OS.

Viewing 15 posts - 41 through 55 (of 55 total)

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