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    You ABSOLUTELY need to allow ratings/reviews. I am guessing there is a reason you are intentionally not allowing hopefully it is not that it would already discourage too high a percentage of your library from being viewed. I say that because I have already come across several courses rated “advanced” that were frankly not only not advanced, but very badly written and were clearly being given by an instructor that was not himself even an expert on what he was attempting to teach and that tends to leave a very bad overall image of the site if those are not either weeded out or simply allowed to be shown at a lower rating level so folks can simply select other higher rated courses.

    I understand these videos are free but I also do not want to visit, go through the entire sign-up process, and spent/waste time on a frankly horrible video course and certainly would not consider upgrading if I have to waste significant time to myself filter out poor courses that a simple rating system would handle. On the flip-side obviously I would gladly set other things aside for courses where the masses have rated very high and I am certain would also have a positive impact on your revenue of membership upgrades etc. Currently, all the other major competing video instruction sites I have come across all collect and display their users’ ratings and reviews of their courses.



    I have feedback. I have been trying to close an account with a 7 day trail before the end of the trial. I have been trying to sign into it but it says my username and password is incorrect.I have tried to reset my password multiple times with no luck. Which doesn’t make sense because the password reset has been coming to my email. I have been in contact with someone by email, but after awhile they just ignore me. I would like to close that account before I get charged the 399 after the trial. This has caused me a lot of stress and is about to cause me financial trouble.

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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