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    Does anyone know where one can find out how many attempts are allowed on different routers (newer router versions) when trying to crack the WPS pin? For example a Cisco router would be 5 attempts and then it locks, Linksys allows 3 attempts and it locks and so on. I have an older Linksys setup now and when I just run Reaver and let it go it will work perfectly, but when I try it on my newer Cisco it locks after a couple attempts. Any help would be great!



    WPS is a security protocol that is VERY insecure, it can be cracked in seconds using freely available tools.
    is is so insecure that nearly every router reccomends it NOT to be used.
    if the software you are using needs more than one attempt to get the code get yourself another. (see kali linux)
    the reason it is so insecure is simple, as the WPS code is sent over 2 of the 4 handshake packets.half in the second packet and half in the 4th packet.
    the chances of finding a router that actually still uses WPS are aproaching zero.n as nearly every router supplied by anyone comes preconfigured for a much more secure mode.



    If you can’t get Kali up and running, and can work next to the router, try using ‘Putty’ (a helpful windows tool) and link your pc up with a serial connection. When in the CLI on COM x i haven’t been locked out after quite a few attempts, it tells me that it times out. But it just resets the session (that is dynamic in serial). So instead of getting locked out, it just goes back to user enable mode password.

    Username: cisco
    Password: (this would probably be default, and could be searched for online using the device series and model)


    If this router is yours and you have forgotten the password most Cisco switches and routers have either a reset button that may be pressed using a pin, paperclip or needle, or a big ‘Mode’ button on the front, pressing and holding either of these down should restore factory settings, so it will have default configurations = default password settings. Then you can configure it from scratch in cli or whatever you want to do.

    From within the CLI you should be able to view the current WPS pin.



    Thanks for the reply’s! When I wrote this I was trying to brute force the WPS on this router and yes it is mine lol. The problem I was having is that it was locking me out because I tried the pin to many times. I was wondering if there was a website or something out there that had the number of attempts one can make before the router will lock out. Knowing that info one can adjust the command to stop for a minute and then continue so it won’t lock.




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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