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    Hi all,

    Just started the course. Are there any Tutorials on Virtual Lab setups for doing some hands on work? or can you recommend any free ones to use?





    Depends on what u want to learn ? here some string points. Webgoat Damn vulnerable Web apps Metasploitable(sry no link on hand) and
    hope it helps



    Basically trying to refresh myself on the security side of things. I used to do a lot of “root this box” capture the flag style competitions and etc but since becoming a full time developer I’ve moved away from the security and pen testing side of things but want to get back into it (mainly as a hobby).

    So basically any sort of Virtual Lab that I can run alongside Kali in Virtualbox to play around with exploits that I have missed in the past 6-7 years of being away from Pen Testing

    I will certainly look at those links and see what they offer thanks



    You can take a look at –>
    There are many VM´s to download and play with it. Some has a “Walkthrough” – if you can´t find a way in…
    It is up-to-date and a good ressource.



    Excellent BeNe – this is the sort of thing I was looking for. Very interesting names too like “Fartknocker” haha

    Thanks as well DrOetcker good places to start again. I think I may have played around with Metasploitable in the past when following the book “Hacking with Kali” – they have a good lab setup tutorial too if you are interested in setting one up for yourselves. Great info to refresh myself

    Thanks again all



    Thanks for the links!



    There is also I’m not sure how advanced it gets, but I was told it is pretty good. I have been working on the first set of missions, as I have just started it a few days ago.


    Nilesh Soni




    There is also

    Interesting! The challenges on I’ve had in the past when I was really into it all (when I had waaaay too much time on my hands haha). This will be really useful in refreshing me. Thanks for that I had no idea these were still available online. Beauty of it is I can’t even remember the solutions

    Thanks for that

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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