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    What mean CyBytes and how to use it? It is as score for members or what? Can I use Cybytes to buy Certificates completion..or must add fund to my account?
    Please @admin guide me or anyone advanced on this forum. Thanks in advance for yours response.



    Hi, yes CyBytes is a sort of currency here on Cybrary. You can use them to purchase certificates of completion, course badges and more. You can earn cybytes inviting other people to join Cybrary, sharing course pages, participating to the forum etc.

    For example if you complete a course and want to buy a certificate of completion, you can use a minimum of 25 cybytes to buy it without adding any fund.




    So Cybytes are the currency on here? That’s interesting to know.



    Facebook has got likes, google plus: +1s, we have Cybytes 😀




    How many CYBYTEs can I earn daily?
    Are there any limits?



    That’s all pretty well covered on their Cybytes page.


    Doktor Frankenstein

    I put all my cybytes in a Swiss bank account so I don’t get it for tax evasion. 🙂



    Somehow I doubt there’s much worry about a Panama Papers incident involving Cybytes.



    @doktor Frankenstein, rothicat 🙂 nice!



    Is there a max limit per day you can earn? from what I’m reading there are limitations when earning them
    1. Log in daily = 1 Cybyte
    – you have to be signed out then sign in
    2. Post to forum = 1 Cybyte
    – I read you don’t get additional cybytes for additional posts, 1 a day regardless of amount of points
    3. Invite a friend = 2 Cybytes
    – i guess you would get 2 for every invite
    4. Share on Social = 1 Cybyte
    – guessing 1 per social media outlet.

    Answers not verified



    The way I look at Cybytes is I need 40 for each completed course. That includes the Site Badge for 15 Cybytes and a Certificate of Completion at 25 Cybytes.

    Then you can donate Cybytes to Cybrary every month and received a Monthly Badge!

    You can also earn 10 Cybytes, a badge and a certificate for every ‘Live’ webinar you watch from Cisco Talos, which is normally monthly. The next one is on the 31st August 2016.
    So, there is many ways of spending and gaining Cybytes



    very interisting



    Look at it like this and your Cybytes will soon mount up…

    Login/Logout per day = 1 Cybyte
    Post in forum per day = 1 Cybyte
    Post a Op3n document on Twitter each day = 1 Cybyte
    Watch at least 1 webinar ‘Live’ per month from Cisco Talos = 10 Cybytes per month

    3 Cybytes per day = 21 Cybytes in a week
    21 Cybytes over 4 weeks = 44 Cybytes
    10 Cybytes from Cisco Talos Webinars per month

    Total in just 4 weeks = 54 Cybytes

    Inviting friends is just an added bonus, on top!

    You can easily generate enough Cybytes to cover a Site Badge & Certificate of Completion in a month.
    I also purchase Cybytes @ $5.00 for 25 Cybytes.

    I donate every month to Cybrary, = another Site Badge!

    It a good incentive to keep people coming back every day keeps the community growing faster!

    A good way to get your Twitter growing in numbers is posting many of the Tutoials from OP3N – I find many InfoSec people adding me, and then joining Cybrary as well.

    So, there you go, a full run down on how I accumulate Cybytes quickly and end up chatting to many IT Security Guys on Twitter!


    Ahmed Diab

    what is cybrary Badge



    I am assuming you are refering to the monthly ‘Donations badge’ – Donate 5 Cybytes or more, and you receive a monthly donation badge. You can donate anytime ofter the first day of any month for a new badge.

    It’s your way of showing that you appreciate Cybrary, and all the work that goes in to it. 🙂



    Thought it was a clever way to stir up interaction. Also a great name for your sites currency. 😉



    Thank you very much for this explanation. I didn’t know, that there are additional 10 Cybytes for watching a webinar.



    what cybrary don’t know is that they still own me some cybtes for work well done. sooner or later they have to pay.



    You need to contact Cybrary Support, for a faster response time than on the forums, unless you actually tag @cybrary in your post. The “Get Support” button under STUDENT SUPPORT.

    Normal response time is 24 hours.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 34 total)

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