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    Yes! u can used it to purchase a cert, if it up to the total required amount of that very certificate.



    Cybytes is a form of currency on this website.



    Where and How to get Cybytes on Cybrary

    Look at it, like this and your Cybytes will soon mount up…

    Upon intial registration, start following at least 10 members, which will give you 10 Cybytes.
    Complete your Profile page fully and get another 10 Cybytes.

    Login/Logout per day = 1 Cybyte
    Post in forum per day = 1 Cybyte
    Post a Op3n document on Twitter each day = 1 Cybyte
    Watch at least 1 webinar ‘Live’ per month from Cisco Talos = 10 Cybytes per month

    3 Cybytes per day = 21 Cybytes in a week
    21 Cybytes over 4 weeks = 84 Cybytes
    10 Cybytes from Cisco Talos Webinars per month!

    Total in just 4 weeks = 94 Cybytes

    Inviting friends is just an added bonus, on top!

    You can easily generate enough Cybytes to cover a Site Badge & Certificate of Completion in a month.
    You can also purchase Cybytes @ $5.00 for 25 Cybytes.

    Donate every month to Cybrary, = another Site Badge!

    A good incentive to keep people coming back every day keeps the community growing faster!

    A good way to get your Twitter growing in numbers is posting many of the Tutoials from OP3N – I find many InfoSec people adding me, and then joining Cybrary as well.

    So, there you go, a full run down on how to accumulate Cybytes quickly and end up chatting to many IT Security Guys on Twitter!

    I did post this on page 2 of this thread, however this version I have updated.





    Hi, Can I use my cybytes to pay skill course exams?



    No – that part is real money – that plus adverts is why Cybrary can afford to exist.



    I’ve been concerned I won’t have enough cybytes for my course certificate.



    @mooneyes – you should do, just keep vising the site, take part in the forum and watch more videos. Doesnt take long to earn enough for both Cert and Badge.



    Hi @mooneyes,

    You can easily earn about 7+ Cybytes a day! The average minimum I would say is 7 a day…

    1 Cybyte for Logging in each day.
    1 Cybyte for coming and posting on the forums per day.
    1 Cybyte for posting an OP3N article on Twitter per day.
    1 Cybyte for posting an OP3N article on Google+ per day.
    1 Cybyte for posting an OP3N article on Facebook per day.
    1 Cybyte for posting an OP3N article on LinkedIn per day.
    1 Cybyte for email an OP3N article to a friend per day.

    That equals to 7 Cybytes per day and 196 Cybytes over 4 weeks.

    You can gain more doing long courses with many modules. Each completed module of a course gives you more Cybytes.

    Updated on 8th February 2017.




    I’m writing this port because I gonna earn 1 cybyte.



    It’s like grinding for cybutes.



    I think this is a very interesting way of earning points. Veru nice.



    I’ve been inactive for so long, it’s good to know that we can have more cybytes than before.




    How to check the total cybytes in our profile?

    Thank you



    Hi @shetz,

    It is simple to check, just click on your profile name, anywhere on the Cybrary website.

    If you click on your username in this post you will see it clearly states “15 Cybytes Earned”.
    On mine, it shows “927 Cybytes Earned”.
    These are the current totals, but they change daily just on logging in to Cybrary.

    Details on how you can earn Cybytes quickly can be found on a post I made here.

    If you require further help let us know.


Viewing 14 posts - 21 through 34 (of 34 total)

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