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Darcy Kempa

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About Darcy Kempa

Darcy Kempa is a retired military officer with a strong interest in cybersecurity. His adult life began with an enlistment in the United States Marine Corps. During that time, he was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Sergeantand worked as a Quality Assurance Representative. After his enlistment, he went to work for a major airline and completed his undergraduate degree. He joined the Navy after graduation and was sent to Aviation Officer Candidate School where he became an Ensign. While in the Navy, he worked at multiple organizational levels including the Pentagon where he supervised and audited enlisted technical training programs for efficiency as well as funding.

Darcy’s desire to teach on Cybrary was based on hisbeliefs in giving back to a community that helped him in the past. As a college student, he became a member of Cybraryand benefitted from the information provided by the organization and the community. The website and data enabled him to have a better grasp of information technology and cyber security. Since he had benefitted from his membership, it was his hope to return the assistance, if possible,to others.

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