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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture. We're gonna be covering the eight of us. Compliance. This is gonna be a short one. So let's go ahead and get started.
All right? So, as you can see, we are on the eight of us compliance programs. Paige, I'm gonna have this website listed in the resource is section of this lecture
Just that you can go in and learn more about it if you were interested.
Basically, what this page is going to be doing is describing the difference compliance programs that eight of us has been accredited for their certified. For As you can see, they have the 27,000 won.
They also have PC I the assess and sock to sock wanted stock. Three all really big ones and moving down. You can actually see the accreditations that they've gathered for the country's individually. So they have some big ones for United States, including Fed Ram, the hip
n'est fisma and many more.
They have some for Canada. I have some for Asia Pacific and some for Europe as well. So what does this mean? Well,
the reason why I'm showing you this is because
there's been a misconception for the longest time that storing your data in the cloud is insecure. And I'm going to break the news to you and say that storing your data in the cloud is more secure than storing it on premise. That's probably gonna call the right with some of you.
But that's the fact and the reason why it's because
it is beginning to remove the need for on premise staff members to manage the compliance of the security controls.
Let's face it, when things start to move and shift quickly within your organization, especially when you need to focus on making profit margins when you to focus on making those deliver bubble goals. Ah, security tends to fall in the wayside and that 10 silly too
finance charges. When you don't follow a P c I
regulation ah HIPPA regulation or if there is a data leak and then now you got to go and X and tell everybody you know why it happens and there's fines associated with that. You know, that's one issue. Another issue is, ah, loss of of
private information or loss of valuable information that's
literally makes or breaks your organization.
These things are hard to maintain, and if you don't have dedicated people taking care of that,
well, tough luck. It's only a matter of time.
And that's why moving to the cloud
is actually a really good idea because they're handling that for you and in a lot of ways that's worth it.
That's worth the extra costs. If it is an extra costs on a lot of ways, it's actually cheaper for you to move to eight of us. So it's almost a no brainer. Why not?
These security controls are gonna be managed from the cloud on the cloud side. They're not gonna be managed in the cloud because, you know, in the cloud is what you manifest your data. But on the cloud is gonna be the network. The servers, the actual infrastructure of what's going on well, within eight of us is data centers,
and those controls are in place, so you don't need to worry about that. You don't need to worry about if a fire happens and burns down
a data centre, your data is gone. It's not gone. It's been duplicated to a bunch of other you know, locations and your date is still there. It's still available to you and everybody who needs to have access to it. The only thing that you need to worry about is making sure that you have your data encrypted appropriately
within that s three bucket or within that easy to instance. And we'll talk a little bit more about that in the future.
But ah yeah,
compliance. This page is going to briefly list everything that you need to know about the different compliance programs that eight of us is following and so much more information. So I do encourage you take some time and go through here and take a look, especially if you
are concerned about security of the data as you guys are moving to the cloud or you're just, you know, straight up Curious about how these compliance programs work with the cloud. You can learn so much information by just taking a moment to review this, and I highly encourage it. Like I said,
this link will be added to the resource is section of this lecture.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. All right.
I will see you in the next lecture.

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