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Hey, everybody. And welcome to this lecture and this lecture. We're gonna be covering it. Abuse costs, calculators. This is gonna be a short lecture. So let's go ahead and get started. A Toby US cost calculators basically help you identify the cost from using different service is within a devious like easy to s three RD s is says stuff like that.
these calculators are likely things that you will see on the exam. Thesaurus, like loud practitioner does cover some detail on costs and pricing for the service is that some of these things we actually covered, like the s three and the easy to instance costs of stuff like that.
But I will do want to make sure that I threw a cost calculators in there because there's a pretty good chance that you will be introduced
that subject when you're facing the exam. The two calculators that we're going to be covering our the interview, a simple monthly calculator and the baby s total cost of ownership calculator.
So let's go ahead and take a look at him.
So this is the eight of us total cost of ownership calculator, basically what this is going to do is is calculate the cost of what it will run you to run servers within your organization, on premise or within, like, a co location versus eight of us. And what they're asking here
is the details for the database sitting or the servers that you're going tohave on. Premise. So, you know, they say non relational database or database your application name, number of virtual machines. Ah, CPU cores,
a memory, the type of hyper visor.
And you know, you can add more more servers and more information there. You can also specify the type of storage, and then when you press calculate TCO, you're basically calculating How much is that gonna run for? And then obviously, compare contrast to see how that would compare to running it in eight of us.
So this here is the heaviest, simple monthly calculator. This is going to basically help you identify in the costs associated with each of the service is, as you can see, they have easy to s three. They have some other ones that we haven't covered like S. E S and N E s. They have cloudwatch dynamo NTB
already, yes,
and many, many more basically this tools just gonna help you identify. You know, based on how many server instances or how much storage you're gonna be using, how much that's actually gonna run you every month and you can kind of aggregate it all together and find out what your monthly bill would be if you were to actually
deployed that project into interview s or migrate your
your systems from on premise into the cloud. And, ah,
I kind of get a better idea of what you're going to be paying.
So moving on to the exam tips will it's going to cover simple monthly calculators. Make sure that you remember that the calculators are meant to help you understand your monthly running costs. For all the service's combined, it'll help you get a better idea of the cost.
It's really not intended to be a comparison tool, but it is kind of help you get a better feel for what you are gonna be looking at. If you do deploy that application into the cloud or you are gonna be migrating your systems from on Prem into eight of us and for a total cost of ownership,
we want to make sure that we're using this to compare the cost
for on premise. Resource is like servers and storage. And then how much it would cost if you weren't actually deploy those things into the cloud. What's nice is that you get ah, nice report that you condone
hand over to your senior management to allow them to make the educated decision based on cost. And then, of course, move forward from there. All right, everybody, that about finishes up this lecture. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
If not, I will see you in the next lecture.

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