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There are a number of different audio cables in use, but the most standardized one in use is the 1/8inch stereo audio cable which is an analog signal used for audio on computing systems, cell phones, headphones. We discuss the sound output differences between the stereo and mono cables and why one is preferred over another. We mentioned earlier that HDMI also deliver audio, it provides a digital signal. We next discuss the MIDI cable which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a cable that connects electrical musical instruments such as guitars, drums, etc. for the purpose of recording the paly output. Think "Drumline" with Nick Cannon where he had a face-off with his team lead and learned the paper spitting out the printer were the cords and combination he has just played. And finally you'll learn about the port connectors the above cabling marries into what standard Coax S/PDIF means and applies to, and we'll diagram some examples to demonstrate their transaction process flows. So don't blink, you'll miss something good and essential.

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