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Cable TV This lesson discusses another common infrastructure, the cable infrastructure. This sends data down cable lines and is used for cable TV connections as well as high-speed internet connections.

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another type of infrastructure that is commonly already in place is our cable infrastructure. Now, with our cable infrastructure, we're talking about our cable TV. We're not just talking about any old cables. So our cable TV infrastructure so our cable TV can also carry
Internet data just like our telephone lines do.
By carrying the Internet date data at a different frequency than we're carrying the data for our television.
So are cable. TR. Cable TV provider is going to also start pushing out Internet over the same lines that they use by pushing it out at a different frequency. And what they're also going to do is they're going to give us a transceiver. Our transceiver is sort of like our cable box version of modem are
our cable version of a dial up modem.
Now a lot of people call our transceivers. You may hear them very commonly referred to as cable modems, but they're the actual technical term for them would be a transceiver. Now this transceiver is going to receive in our cable line,
and it's going to change that is gonna take out. Pull out that information, pull out that frequency
that is sending Internet data and is going to go ahead and connect that overto us now with our cables. With our cable Internet, we're going to get a speed of 10 megabits per second down in about two megabits per second. Up again, these are gonna be in our optimal conditions. So
if you are looking at
different availabilities or different types of Internet, you could get you definitely want to compare all of your your of course, your local prices as well as your different up versus your different down versus up speeds. And with cable, our cable television is going to give us
a little bit better speeds than some of our D s. L
or some of our ice Indian providers would. But as we move into our next technology and next couple technologies will see how this 10 megabits per second down and two megabits per second up is going to quickly become a outdated technology as we move into some of our faster technologies

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