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[toggle_content title="Transcript"] The next process in monitoring controlling is control procurements. Control procurements is the process that monitors contract performance and makes changes where necessary. The process creates work performance information change requests, project management plan updates, project document updates and organizational process asset updates. The inputs are the project management plan, procurement documents, agreements, approved change requests, work performance reports, and work performance data. The tools that are used are control change control system, procurement performance reviews, inspection audits, performance reporting, payments systems, claims administration, and record management systems. Your outputs are work performance information...once again you are creating documents, which is being distributed. Change requests are pretty common for monitoring controlling. It's one of those variance so change requests are not approved until they go for a change review board. Project management plan updates are...anytime there is a variance with approved change requests you are going to go back and update your other plans. Project document updates, same thing you are going to be noting what changes and then you will go back and update your documents. Organizational process assets maybe you had tools, or templates, one possibility is going back and changing what your company uses for templates. The inputs, so in monitoring controlling its project management plan, this is probably dealing with procurement which is why your inputs be going to be more pertaining to. Procurement documents and agreements which are the contracts, you are ensuring that what you agreed upon is being done. Approved change requests...these are approved versus change requests. That is going to be an input of keeping up with what changes are occurring in the project, work performance reports, you are assessing your information maybe it's a subcontracting agreement, and they are providing a weekly report or a financial report or where they are in the project or what they offer you. Work performance data is assessing your earn value management or whether they are from the subcontractor point of view. The tools that are used are contract change control systems. These are processes that are in place to monitor, how change can occur. If the subcontractor is not performing, they might put a request in. These are agreements that you have ahead of time. Its making sure all the agreements are being met. Performance reviews same things, making sure what contracts you have in place are being met. This is reviewing documents to make sure deliverables are being delivered. Inspection and audits is making sure the quality is there. They are doing what they are supposed to be doing. You are making sure that you are getting a good product. Performance reporting payment system...if they claim that 20 percent done there should be a way of you being able to verify they are where they are within the project and then they can invoice for that work that is complete. Claims and administration is maybe there is disagreements, they claim that there is a 20 percent done, your record are showing that 10 percent done so it's a way of going back and trying to figure out what that disagreement is compared to yours and how that would be handled. Record management system is just a way of keeping track to ensure deliverables are being met. [/toggle_content]

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