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Ever hear the fan kick on and run, that's because our systems are becoming faster and faster, and the components smaller and more tightly compacted with more and more components added to the mother board. On top of that, we have dust and other particles from the air passing thru. So our CPU is constantly performing millions of tasks, with electricity passing thru it, and things like poor ventilation are its biggest enemy. Every motherboard has what's called a heat sync (or heat sync) unit affixed to it. It works to regulate the air temperate by kicking on a fan to keep the CPU and other components cool and as free of dust as is possible. After this lesson is complete, you'll know what heat syncs look like, how they work to decrease the temperature, how the device itself functions relative to the environment it's trying to cool and why it's effective. More importantly, you'll learn how to troubleshoot a computer that's experiencing overheating issues, and we'll demonstrate/diagram some example of how to do that and what to look for.

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