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Welcome to the free Cybrary online course Cryptography. To help you fully understand and grasp the concepts of Cryptography, the Cybrary Cryptography module is divided into three sections, each taking a detailed, intimate focus on the concepts, tools and techniques that are absolutely essential for penetration testers and ethical hackers to master. In this series on Cryptography, we look at confidentiality, integrity and authentication. We'll look at how companies use secrecy to their advantage and explore how penetration testers and ethical hackers can secrecy to their advantage as well. We're now in Section 1 of the Cybrary Cryptography module. In this Section, we'll introduce and explain the basic principles behind the science and practice of Cryptography both from an academic perspective as well as the practitioners' perspective from the field. The topics covered in Section 1 of the Cryptography module are as follows: - Whiteboard, which outlines the interrelationship of all the basic principles and components of Cryptography you'll need to understand - And the following subsections introducing Cryptographic Tools and how to use them: - Cryptography Part 3.1 - Cryptography Part 3.2 Section 2 of the Cryptography module is quite extensive and very hands-on. Parts 3-7 breaks down even further Cryptographic Tools introducing more techniques, a lab and an advanced discussion on encryption. Follow along with the following subsections: - Cryptography Part 3.3 – Cryptographic Tools - Cryptography Part 3.4 - Confidentiality - Cryptography – CryptTool Lab - Cryptography Part 4 – Symmetric Encryption - Cryptography Part 5 - Symmetric Encryption Extended - Cryptography Part 6 – Pros and Cons of Symmetric Cryptography - Cryptography Part 7 – Public Key Cryptography And finally, Section 3 of the Cryptography module continues exploring Cryptographic Tools with discussion and demonstration of Asymmetric Cryptography. View our labs and in-depth discussion in the following subsections: - Cryptography Part 8 – Asymmetric Cryptographic - Cryptography Part 9 - Cryptography - Cryptography – Advanced Encryption Package Lab - Cryptography – Part 10.1 - Cryptography – Hash Calc Lab - Cryptography – Part 10.2 - Cryptography – Hash My Files Lab Upon completion of this Cybrary Cryptography module, you'll understand how Cryptography works, what principles are in play, and what tools you'll need to master to become the go-to pentester going forward. Please note that Cryptography is a complex topic. We explore Cryptography in great detail in the Cryptography Module #19 of our Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking course, as well as in our CompTIA CASP courses.

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