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The RJ-45 connector is an 8pin, unshielded twisted pair Ethernet connection components used to connect your computer to a network. The term unshielded, "twisted" refers to its configuration to cancel out electromagnetic interference; its max distance for data transfer is 100 meters. The RJ11 connector is a 6pin connector which uses only two of its wires for data transfer. If you are connecting to a traditional phone line into a modem or fax, you are using an RJ11. The two connectors are not interchangeable connection types.

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our last two device connectors, which we're going to cover in this segment, are going to be our r J 45 on R R J 11. We have R R J 45 here, also known as our Ethernet cable. We talked about it a little bit earlier. Eight pin connector heat wire connector and it's unshielded twisted pair you TP, which means it is an unshielded wire
and the wires or twisted together in order
toe help cancel out electromagnetic interference. The maxim This cable is, ah, 100 meters,
and it has a few different types.
Cat three, Cat five, Cat five e and Cat six.
But we've discussed that in ah, earlier video. We may discuss it later again, but in this instance, all we need to know is identifying that it isn't eight pin connector with a clip
with eight wires inside that our unshielded twisted pair. We also have R J 11 which is very similar to our r J 45 cable,
but it is a smaller cable rather than having eight pins. It actually has six pins, but it only uses two wires to transmit data. R J 11 is more often used in telephone lines, telephone modem connections. We don't use it in the same type of Jax were using R. J 45
and we don't use our J 45
and the same connections that we use our J 11. They aren't interchangeable at all, even though they look similar and they're used for different purposes. So we want to keep those in mind that R J 45 is the larger one, with eight pins and eight wires, and the R J 11 is six pins to wires, and it's a bit of a smaller connection.
So thank you for joining us here today. A cyber dot i teats
talk about devices and device connectors. We've talked about everything ranging from paid A and say those connectors all the way to audio connectors and R J 45 cables. So hopefully you enjoyed your time here today and you learned a bit with everything. My name's Anthony and join us next time on cyber dot i t

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