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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert (SME) Kelly Handerhan concludes a discussion of the Top 5 Mistakes that Project Managers make. You will learn the final four of the Top 5 mistakes that Project Managers make (the first mistake was covered in Lesson 3): Underestimating the importance of organizational change management Handeran discusses how Project Managers must - sell the positive benefits of change - have a rollback strategy - prepare users for change Believing the rosy estimates provided by your team You will learn how to: - validate all estimates before making them part of your project timeline and/or budget - view estimates in terms of risk management and worst-case scenarios - consider the level of experience of the person giving the estimate - help team members give more accurate estimates Failing to understand complex dependencies Handerhan discusses the fact that projects are not linear. Many dependencies come into play, and they must be accounted for in all aspects of the project plan. Not recognizing the importance of quality assurance(QA) You will learn how QA saves money and time in the long run, and you will learn the three elements of assessing quality in your project: 1) quality planning through the project's design 2) quality assurance through following the plan and ensuring that the processes are working as planned 3) quality control through evaluating the process, not the product

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