Video Description

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is designed to stream uncompressed digital video/audio signals from either computers or game systems to high-definition monitors and TVs. They support very high-resolution and high-quality images. The importance of HDMI cables and HDMI technology is that makes it easier and allows us to connect an array of modern devices with HDMI connection ports to connect modern large screen and High Definition TVs using the HDMI cable, AND without the need for an additional audio cable. For example, most of the time you can direct connect a satellite service set top box, Bluetooth device in addition to laptops. In other cases you may need a converter for analog conversion and additional power, and you'll see an example of what that converting device looks like and learn why there is also a video port for video input. The most current iteration of HDMI is version 1.3 which supports up to 1080p resolution which has 4 different port types and pin configuration. We'll list and discuss each of these and contrast the differences between a mini and micro HDMI cable/connector.

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