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Infrared technology is a transmission technology that uses an invisible beam of light; it's invisible to the naked eye unless aided by something that allows you to see it. Infrared devices require a direct line-of-site to its target source. They transmit at 16Mps with a 1 meter max line-of-site. Line of site means the IR beams must be facing each there with no barrier between them. Radio Frequency is also known as WIFI, it works in different ranges and has 3 main standardized types: 802.11b, 802.11n, and 802.11g. Our ability to connect using WIFI and radio frequency technology is determine solely by the 802 standard installed on the motherboard. It can be configured to use one or any combination of the three, or all three and can be found nearly everywhere from cell phones, to laptops, to in-home thermostats. Infrared ports were created to send and receive data because of the increasing amount of people that were becoming fed up with being attached to their computers by cords. Computers now used radio frequency technologies to accomplish these things and more.

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