Video Description

Install & Configure Expansion Cards Today's lesson explores adding and configuring additional functionality to the motherboard, this is accomplished by adding Expansion Cards. Motherboards vary greatly in functionality and purpose as well as what components parts, there is no such thing as a standard motherboard configuration. As such, you'll find you will need to enhance its capabilities and typically this is done by adding an Expansion Card, which they themselves vary greatly. You'll learn that you can add sound, update video, network and wireless capabilities, storage capacity, even a TV and this is all done with expansion card. We'll show you what an expansion card look like, where and how it connects to the motherboard, what you need to do to get it work with the computing system you're adding to and what the term "driver" means. Then we'll diagram this entire process so you can see the interrelationships of component-to-motherboard, how it works, and what additional tasks you must perform.

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